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Recent content by Mr_Fielgood

  1. !!SOLD!!FS: 1991 Galant VR4 Nile Black 1736/2000 Pleasanton, CA $4500!!SOLD SOLD

    1991 Galant VR4 Nile Black Here's the link to my built thread. Most or all of the work I've done to the vehicle is in this post.clickIt's time to get rid of my money pit. No longer have the passion for this car and I want this Galant to go to another Mitsubishi enthusiast who will...
  2. Is this shifter cable toast?

    I wouldn't install that back in the galant. I have an extra set of shifter cables if you want. PM if interested.
  3. Removing Grille and clips

    In my experience some clips work and some don't. I just kept trying different clips until all of them locked into place. I had a whole bunch to choose from at my job so it was convenient.
  4. Reasons for deleting ABS

    Don't think I want to take the chance and plug back in the ABS unit and fuse to find out I can't brake. lol Guess I'll be on the look out for an ABS delete kit.
  5. Reasons for deleting ABS

    When I bought #1736 I found that the anti lock light on, 60A ABS fuse under the hood was missing. And also recently found the ABS control unit unplugged when I was replacing the radio antenna assembly. Can't seem to find any info as to why the PO was getting rid of ABS. Any helpful thoughts...
  6. clutch engagement problems

    Clutch adjustment. I had the same exact problem when I changed out my clutch. Started her up and drove for a minute and parked. Then I couldn't get into gear when the car is on. Adjusted the clutch and problem solved.
  7. WTB: stock exhaust

    Looking to purchase stock exhaust system. From downpipe to muffler. As long as in good working condition. Please PM or email at [email protected] Please provide photos of the exhaust. Thanks.
  8. FS:Random Stuff

  9. New Owner of #1736 91 GVR4

    Thanks guys. I measured 38 to 40 ohms each coil.
  10. New Owner of #1736 91 GVR4

    Quote:In response to Poster: transparentdsm Subject: Re: New Owner of #1736 91 GVR4check you IAC it could be weak. thats what is supposed to keep your RPM's constant when you put a load on the engine and battery.How much resistance should I be reading on my iac? Also.. I am getting this...
  11. New Owner Of 1546/2000

    Surprised you went with nile black this time.
  12. New Owner #1772 - Looking to make a reliable driver/autocross car

    Which CM Performance exhaust system did you buy?
  13. #860/1000 diary

    Really great start! And welcome
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