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Recent content by MitsuDriver274

  1. Fuel filler hose

    After sitting for quite some time, I filled up the tank in my VR4. Was welcomed the next morning with a pool of gasoline under the car.The replacement hose is now discontinued, I did not have any luck finding a new hose. I was able to piece something together, figured I'd share what I was...
  2. FREE: Fuel Filler hose and bumper brackets

    Damn mine just started leaking last weekend.
  3. FS: Evo IX part out (interior and misc bits)

    I am selling bits and pieces out of a project car, the car now has a roll cage so it will not be needing most of these parts. All pieces removed professionally with no broken plastic.Prices as listedForced Performance Evo Green Turbo: $900Exedy Twin Disk Clutch (used): $900Evo IX Front...
  4. 14b and boost creep

    14B will creep even with a good actuator, it has to do with the dia of the waste gate. Only way to fix the issue is to bore out the waste gate +2mm.
  5. SOLD: BNIB RARE AMG Amber Corners...SOLD

    Yea those look exactly like my ebay pair, they really look good on the car though!
  6. De-chroming 92 tail lights

    Someone backed into my car last month, I sourced a set of 92 tails but im not a fan of the chrome trim. Has anyone tried swapping the black molding from the 91 lights?
  7. Rebuild Lasted 600 MIles

    +1 on a seized cam, im interested to see what the problem is.
  8. FS: JDM Facelift Fogs / Evo Zero Bonnet Vent Covers

    Which side is damage, someones car threw up a rock and put a nice hole in my driver side
  9. Idle hunting

    Adjust your idle properly, that includes grounding the timing terminal and then adjusting the idle airscrew until the car idles around 950 rpm, I believe you do it with the lights and a/c on. Most of the time I come across cars that hunt for idle have a bad iac motor or the idle air screw has...
  10. roof rack pricing/options

    The real question is what kind of style you want to rock... snowboard or bike rack
  11. Best place to buy bump stops?

    Yep those are the ones, I would also think about replacing the upper strut mounts in the front if they are starting to crack.
  12. Best place to buy bump stops?

    When I redid my suspension, I replaced the bump stops with a universal kit that also came with dust covers from schucks, may be a little cheaper.
  13. dumb question

    Quoting AnotherNewb: There is no such thing as a dumb question, only dumb answers.There is no such thing as a dumb question, only dumb people
  14. H&R springs

    I'm running the agx h& r combo, love the ride. Did not cut the springs or bump stops.I notice a bit of rake in mine, but the car seems to sit level with a full tank of gas.
  15. FS: Summit Fan (Temporarily Unavailable)

    You getting out of galants shamus?
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