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  1. 1274/2000

    It's a Washington car.
  2. 1274/2000

    That's about what I was thinking. I really need something relatively reliable for now though, I already have two non-running DSMs in the driveway.I guess I can spring for a CarFax and then take it in for a pre-purchase inspection and go from there.
  3. 1274/2000

    I was commenting on the mechanical stuff, not physical condition. Hence, didn't really think pictures are necessary.For what it's worth, exterior is about what you'd expect, it's mostly good shape with clearcoat going bad on the roof. Serviceable but could use freshening at some point in...
  4. 1274/2000

    So? This isn't a for sale thread.
  5. 1274/2000

    Located this one, it's for sale by a local Washington guy.He "doesn't know cars", and apparently has had difficulty finding a competent mechanic. I drove it on Saturday and found the following:Definitely has an oil leak. Failed emissions last time. Feels like it has a boost leak. Water is...
  6. '92 #51. Too good to be true?

    I have. I'm pretty set on a KG (MAYBE a BG) one for the time being.Also, what's up with people not posting pictures in Craigslist ads?There's a BG over in Spokanistan that seems kind of interesting. I have family over there, so I could always hop one of the Horizon/Alaska props over...
  7. '92 #51. Too good to be true?

    "Well just to save you the drive it is pretty rusty. I always drove it onto ramps when I worked on it. Jack point are pretty much gone. Why I would just really rather sell it as a parts car to help keep someone else's alive. Someone is coming out tomorrow to come look at it already too. But...
  8. '92 #51. Too good to be true?

    jeverts, if you wouldn't mind looking for m (and then snagging it if I pass on it), I'd really appreciate it. I live in Washington State, so I wouldn't want to make the trip over there unless/until I'm finalizing a deal.
  9. '92 #51. Too good to be true?

    If the unibody is trashed it probably isn't worth it to me, unfortunately. I've already got a '95 TSI AWD and the wrecked '97 taking up space, I need something that's either a runner in good condition or something that will be easy/quick to get there.It's nowhere close to where I live, so I...
  10. '92 #51. Too good to be true?

    "Under body was pretty rusty, didn't jack up well, used ramps to work on it. Parts car for anyone that has one with a better body really. Or build up a dsm with the stronger engine and trans. Could be salvageable but I don't have the time or money for it. I don't have any pictures of the...
  11. '92 #51. Too good to be true?

    Looks like this Craigslist ad just went up:clickI'm really tempted, but "does not currently run", "parts car", etc kind of worry me that this is too good to be true. Does anyone know anything about the history of #51?
  12. FS: 1992 Galant VR-4 in Memphis, TN $3500 SOLD

    This is really tempting, but Memphis is a bit far to try to drive a car back from,.....
  13. FS: NC 438/2000 $800

    Possibly? I do tend to stare at any GVR4 I see on the road.Let's take this to PM or you can shoot me an e-mail, let's not crud up this guy's sales thread with a conversation.
  14. FS: NC 438/2000 $800

    "5. At least one clear photo of the actual car for sale is required. If you are serious about selling your vehicle, this should not be a problem."Please post at least one picture, thanks.
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