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Recent content by mante

  1. FS: 1991 GVR4 1803/2000 RHD Shell, MA, $1500

    what all is left over? I see the original post is rather old but I am just wondering. I have two gm SB 350 block, crank plus cash ..pretty much enough to make a great long block.
  2. 2004 Vr4 meet in NO. VA pics

    Quoting Turbo4door1: My old car is the Nile Black one next to the 8th gen car (I have since sold it, and the owner after me recently sold it too - it's now in NC), Sam's car is the White one (which I believe he sold), and I think the other one might be one of Rob's cars - that I think he sold...
  3. 2004 Vr4 meet in NO. VA pics

    Good question, why dont you put one together
  4. 2004 Vr4 meet in NO. VA pics

    No swap, complete chassis. Its just a Galant tag and title was quite easy. Had to switch a few parts to US spec.. crash bar, seat belt and windshield. everything else is 7gen galant or 2nd gen Eclipse gsx parts wise.Someone mentioned the park name of James Madison, that sounds like it!
  5. 2004 Vr4 meet in NO. VA pics

    Cant remember the name of the Park but it wasnt far of 66.. Anyone from the pics still on the forum? my 8th gen Vr4 is on the left
  6. FS: 1280/2000..SOLD!

    Quoting HHIVR4:Ive pretty much waited as long as I can.If anyone is interested I will take $4000 (there is almost double that into it) and if you want whatever spare parts I have you can have them too.I would be interested in trades full or partial to get my brother in a decent car.His just...
  7. FS: 92 vr4 885/1000 2.3L T4 60 trim FMIC... $5500 or trade Louisiana *UPDATE!!!*

    bump for one of the few not molested or unbastardized cars up for sale on the forum..
  8. Ocean City, MD cruise week-May 17-20 2012, Who Goes?

    I went last year, didnt get anyone's contact info cause I figured I would come across someone on the street.. nope lol Will be there this year again if all goes according to plan..
  9. FS: 1991 Galant VR4 1848 / 2000 $2300.00 Radcliff KY

    Probrably no takers because your project requires alot more effort then high mileage projects you might be referring too. GLWS
  10. NotFS: 1991 Galant VR-4 Shell, Chesapeake, VA $ 0.00

    I would be interested if the gram lites were included. both of my vr4's would have them
  11. FS: 91 White VR4, 275/2000 Pennsylvania SOLD!

    Interested in trading to a 1999 Mitsubishi Galant GTZ? You improve on fuel economy and say within the Mitsu family! Pictures can be found hereSorry for the newbie title, havent been on in awhile..
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