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Recent content by manikbastrd

  1. FS: '99 C5 w/ stroked LS7 538WHP, Omaha, $24.5k OBO **NO RUST G**

    I have got a four door manual corolla of the 2013 variety and some cash for ya if you are interested That's about as reliable and fuel efficient as it gets.
  2. WTB: 6 bolt bottom end (Northeast US)

    I am in upstate new york, looking for a bottom end to build for my car. I will take a long block if I can get it, or just a bottom end if necessary. PM me if you have something. Thanks!
  3. Technical post

    Hmm. That's fair. I don't know the science behind your idea, but it seems pretty neat.
  4. Build thread for 504/1000

    I have been pretty busy with some navy stuff lately so I haven't been very good about updating.
  5. Technical post

    Why not just use a chiller box with Ice water? Lots of people go to the strip with Ice water for their air to water ICs.
  6. Build thread for 504/1000

    So, after a six month break from you guys I have found some time to update my build thread. I have been busy! I have replaced all of my wheel bearings and seals, cleaned up all of the spindles, replaced every bushing in the rear, replaced both steering boots, tie rod ends, and replaced every...
  7. jnava

    Has every random part ever, and always packs and ships quickly. Eight thousand layers of padding on my valve cover...I actually hate him for that. Also this post is super overdue. K thanks Juan!
  8. Build thread for 504/1000

    Yeah, the corolla is just an econobox daily. Being in the navy, I have a pretty crappy schedule for the next year, and decided that instead of having a great car sit in a parking lot or on the pier, I would rather save up some cash and buy something awesome when I get back from deployment.I...
  9. Build thread for 504/1000

    No, I haven't gotten replacement wheels yet, and yes I am definitely a foodie and will check that place out!
  10. Build thread for 504/1000

    So I haven't updated this thread in a while but a lot has happened...Let em start from the beginning.In September I moved from Corvallis Oregon to Charleston SC. I trailered my 2012 Boss 302 Mustang and had the Galant shipped. In transit, The galant was stolen and joyridden. The guys who took...
  11. FS: sunroof wind visor

    Quoting galantrevolution: I have a mitsubishi sunroof visor with hardware , will try to upload pictures tomorrow , asking $25.00 plus shippingInterested in pics. Please PM them to me, or post here...
  12. Quick release injector plugs

    Scotch locks, or Vampire clips as I like to call them are never a great idea, but they can be useful in a pinch. I like to solder when possible, and use some nice crimps with heat shrink as part of the covering otherwise.
  13. WTB: 93 headlights *CASH IN HAND*

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLThe Farce is strong with this one...
  14. rear sway bar end link

    Haven't installed yet, but I order from bobdole and they look right...
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