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  1. Ludachris


    Still a big fan of this car, just as I was way back when it was featured in one or two of the DSMtuners member calendars. ;)
  2. Ludachris


    Nice job with the mod list, including the links to where you bought the parts. 🤘
  3. Ludachris

    Upcoming server move

    I just cleared the cache for the index page manually on the server side. Hopefully that solved it for you.
  4. Ludachris

    New to the forum? Introduce yourself here.

    Welcome Edgar! Please do document that project here. You can start with creating a Vehicle Profile.
  5. Ludachris

    New to the forum? Introduce yourself here.

    Whenever you can man, we'll be here.
  6. Ludachris

    New to the forum? Introduce yourself here.

    Welcome Julio! Need to see pics. Please add it to the Member Cars section in the main navigation so we can check out all the details.
  7. Ludachris

    Upcoming server move

    I'm wondering if maybe you have that page cached... try opening it in an Incognito (or "private") browser window and let me know if you see the same thing.
  8. Ludachris

    Upcoming server move

    Which links? There isn't a splash page anymore with a big image like there used to be. Can you take a screenshot and post it here to show me what you're referring to?
  9. Ludachris

    New to the forum? Introduce yourself here.

    Welcome Dave. Have you owned one before? Or any other 4G63-powered vehicle?
  10. Ludachris

    Software upgrade complete - password resets required to login

    Finally got a fix installed for Birthdays. You should be able to go in and edit your birthday in Account Details
  11. Ludachris

    New to the forum? Introduce yourself here.

    Give us a little background about yourself, how you arrived here in the GVR-4 world, and what your plans are with your GVR-4.If you haven't already, be sure to create a Vehicle Profile for your GVR-4 so it will automatically show up in your signature. Thanks for joining!
  12. Ludachris

    Scirocco radiator question

    Too bad the PWR radiators are so tough to get for these cars these days. Those are great radiators, especially their thicker core radiators. Mine worked great on my 1g on road courses.
  13. Ludachris

    FP68HTA V3

    :) I know what you mean. I remember changing out my intake manifold really changed the powerband (Forrester then a Magnus "street"). That and cams. Of course, that all has to be factored together with the turbo's efficiency range, but I was too young to think about pesky details like that back...
  14. Ludachris

    Fight with insurance--We won

    If anyone has any input on what a special section like this would look like, I can see what options we have. Maybe we could add a field the Vehicle Profiles that specifies how much was paid for the car and when it was purchased? That would be easy to do.The only issue I see with the "sold"...
  15. Ludachris

    FP68HTA V3

    The infamous unanswerable question everyone tends to ask, that only they themselves can answer. Hell yeah it's worth it!!! But I always say that when it's someone else's money.I know I was always looking for the best spooling option I could find, but the use case for me was optimizing the...