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Recent content by Lucky13

  1. Clutch bleeding method

    +1 for the speed bleeder. I tried all sorts of methods, but had the best luck with the bleeder. Bonus is that you can do it by yourself.
  2. Slave cylinder speed bleeder size

    I've seen 7m brake bleeders on some reman'd front brake calipers. Think they were from autozone.
  3. FS: *DELETED*

    I've seen this car first's easily worth the price and more.
  4. Ball Joint

    You can do the rears without taking anything out of the car. It's not bad. I had to use a fork to get my backs apart from the trailing arm. I also have the tool from Harbor Freight, nice hefty piece for the 30 or so bucks they want for it.
  5. adjusting cam timing to crank postion

    A timing belt change would probably cost a small fortune. If you sure enough you might as well do it yourself and save yourself the money. On top of that, if you tell them you suspect bent valves they are gonna want to pull the head...again... not cheap.
  6. adjusting cam timing to crank postion

    Basicly pretend your doing a timing belt change. Here's a link to the Vfaq...
  7. Stop, read, go get info, then post. Thats an order!

    Vin# JA3CX56U9MZ010090 #1758/2000 Green/No Sunroof/CD Player
  8. Good guy: Hauling_Ass

    Bought the CF hood he had for sale. He shipped it promptly and boxed it in a fortress! Excellent person to deal with.
  9. CAPS part number # needed for sway bar end links

    Thx exactly what I wanted.
  10. CAPS part number # needed for sway bar end links

    Anyone know the caps # for Sway Bar end links? I saw it mentioned in another thread and didn't want to derail the original thread. If they can be purchased somewhere else cheaper feel free to speak up.Thx Chris
  11. David Brode

    [email protected] up on the thread in the For Sale section, and just drop him a line with any questions.
  12. David Brode

    Ordered intercooler piping from him. Excellent and quick response from him. Always kept in touch. Product was exactly as ordered, and prompt. [ 07-10-2004, 09:46 PM: Message edited by: turbogalant ]
  13. A drop-in aftermarket radiator that actually drops right in...

    The Modine radiator is drop in. Like 50-60 bucks from Napa.
  14. Console Removal, Shifter Bushing Install

    Very nice bro...gotta keep this filed for when I finally get around to it.
  15. Bruce Kwartler's flywheel explosion

    That was just painful to look at. Guess it takes something like that to wake others up to the real danger present.Glad to hear he's ok.....sux the car is pretty tore up.91' GVR4 #1758/2000 02' WRX
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