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  1. lowcashleblanc

    Shifter bushings?

    Mines a 92 so yes. I think I was unable to use one of his washers on the cable ends that connect to the shifter in cabin. All bushing fit and well I would add.
  2. lowcashleblanc

    Shifter bushings?

    GSX-dude on DSMtuners makes a complete brass set. I just installed his 1g set on my car. This included the bushings on the trans as well. He also makes a more tightly fitted plastic bushing that slides onto the base of our shift levers. Not sure what it’s called.I remember seeing that he...
  3. lowcashleblanc

    Member Cars section - do you want one?

    I would like to see it happen.
  4. lowcashleblanc

    Software upgrade complete - password resets required to login

    This looks great! Thank you Chris.Maybe we can test changing my screen name for science? ;) you know to check for bugs in that process.
  5. lowcashleblanc

    OEM parts?

    I’ve been curious about some of those Mitsubishi parts sites. There’s like 20 of them. The sheer number of them had me questioning their validity.
  6. lowcashleblanc

    OEM parts?

    I picked up front axles and front sway bar end links from O’rillys a couple weeks ago. They had them in store to boot.Also interested for a OEM parts source online. I can’t order from most of the sites like rock auto because I live in Colorado and sometime about taxes.
  7. lowcashleblanc

    constant clouds of white smoke out of exhaust

    Things to consider:Head gaskets become crushed when the head has been torqued down. This is why a new head gasket is recommended.When you took the pistons out and put them back in…even though you reused and lined the rings up….mating surfaces have been changed.The mechanic that did...
  8. lowcashleblanc

    constant clouds of white smoke out of exhaust

    Important note is that you reinstalled an old gasket. I’m sure people have done it before and got away with it. Doesn’t mean it should be done.I have no way of measuring your skills as a mechanic but whatever you did, it was done incorrectly. I’d recommend having someone near you who knows...
  9. lowcashleblanc

    504/2000 Restoration project and 2 other VR4. Why do I love these cars!!

    Some really nice cars out there. The show I went to today has nothing on that.Are those ROTA D154s on your car?I know the go to is 5 lug conversions but I’m really stubborn and want to stick with 4 lug.
  10. lowcashleblanc


    The for sale ad for the 1g auto and transfer case popped up for me again. Not sure why is wasn’t there yesterday…But I think I read you’re looking for a 2g unit. Disregard if
  11. lowcashleblanc


    A auto trans and transfer case is on DSMtuners right now. Unless it has already sold.EDIT: looks like it’s already gone
  12. lowcashleblanc

    What to look out for when buying vr4

    Look at the boots on the rear steering rack, if they are swollen then the rear rack is leaking into the boots.The hydraulic lines running to the back of the car are known to leak.If rear steering has been deleted, check to see if the active toe has been locked out.You can pop off...
  13. lowcashleblanc

    FS: 1991 Galant VR-4 #282/2000 $1000 OBO. Not running. Not title, but can get

    Would also pick up if I had a truck and trailer, I’m only 11 hours from you. My lady would kill me if I tried acquiring this from you. Good luck with saleEdit: sending you a PM.
  14. lowcashleblanc

    Potential Software Change this Weekend - Expect Downtime

    I honestly wouldn’t be mad if there was a merge. Keeping it it’s own entity makes sense. However, It would be cool if there was a way to keep the site within DSMtuners, keep the same home page and web address and feel…but contained within. I’m sure it would be way more work than it’s worth. I’m...
  15. lowcashleblanc


    Purchased some bushings from MellowVR4. Great communication and timely shipping. Would purchase from again.