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Recent content by loser3000

  1. FS: Whiteline 26mm rear sway bar bushings

    I found these hanging out and I don't know if someone out there needs some. The part number is BMR60XXZ. It has two bushings, a sticker, and some white grease. $15 shipped.
  2. FS: 837/2000 Galant VR4 Shell Boise, Idaho $600

    So far its tentivaly sold. If he falls though I'll update.Thanks everyone.
  3. FS: 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX, Boise ID $2800

    I have to sell off some of my cars and so one of my babies have to go. I've had this car for 4 or so years now and I've done alot of work to it to make it fun and reliable. All within 10k miles I've done the timing belt, all timing bearings, waterpump, and front cv axles, and of course I'm up on...
  4. FS: 837/2000 Galant VR4 Shell Boise, Idaho $600

    I have my long wanted/dream project up for sale. I've been jobless for too long now and now its time to part ways so I can try to stay afloat.Ok, story about the galant. I bought it 4+ years ago as a engine fire victum so I could to rebuild it the way I wanted. The hood isn't the one that got...
  5. FS: BNIB Tial Q bov

    Its been sold.
  6. FS: BNIB Tial Q bov

    I bought it for a project, but it never got off the ground. Its black, 11psi spring, and a steel weld flange.$180 shipped OBO
  7. vr4underboost

    I've also had great expierence with vr4underboost. He packaged everything awesome and just everything went supper great.Thank you.
  8. FP 68HTA

    Correct, it would run less boost and by running it directly running it directly to the wastegate actuator it may start opening up and hurt spool. The damn thing didn't even care. Once the weather clears up alittle more I'm going to see how far I can push it the way it is.
  9. FP 68HTA

    I got the turbo on and I love it! With my gsx being an auto with a 14b it was always alittle sluggish off the line and through the intercetion, but not anymore. The spool and power it makes down low is awesome! Right now, I left it all stock including the stock maf, sidemount, took off the bcs...
  10. FP 68HTA

    For me, I really wanted to keep the spool similar to a 16g since my cars are autos. I have a PTE5031 that I could of put on, but I didn't want to lose anything on the 0-60ft. To buy 16g and keep the spool and now gain some additional airflow its all worth it. If it was a stick car and it wasn't...
  11. FP 68HTA

    We will see how this little guy does. I wanted a stock appearing turbo so I went and got it. I'll try and give a update after it comes in and gets put in the car.
  12. anybody ever install suspenion tech sway bars?

    The ST front sway bar works in addition to the stock bar, not replacing it. The stock bar you leave where it is and the ST bar bolts underneath the crossmember. The black bracket uses the bolt that goes into the rear of the crossmember (rear A-arm mounting point).
  13. RvlutionMtrsport

    Jesse, he is great to deal with. He has always been upfront and you get what you need. I just got done installing my sway bars and bushings and the car is a whole different animal now. I'll be ordering another set real soon.Thank you, Jesse.
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