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  1. JDM Galant VR4 Chime

    My bad.
  2. JDM Galant VR4 Chime

    I too have a JDM VR4 and I am pretty sure that no VR4 ever came with a speed warning chime from the factory. Whatever it is making the noise at 65mph it is likely to be aftermarket. If you start poking around under the dash you should be able to track down the non-factory looking wires.Good Luck.

    Hey Bazeng, after installing my kit the car was noticeably improved, turn in and steering inputs were much sharper and the overall feel of the car was “tighter”. I can’t comment on whether this change came from the fender braces or the strut bars as I installed them all at the time but the...
  4. What exactly is the material on the exterior roof?

    ^ Yep, hail or maybe sunroof removal. Regardless someone has filled it for some reason and now it’s no good.
  5. What exactly is the material on the exterior roof?

    Maybe someone repaired some hail damage, and it is body filler your seeing?
  6. FS: whiteline lowering springs

    CWTG = Center of Wheel To Gaurd. I have H&R 1" drop springs which give me 365mm CWTG on the front. So I would assume these are about a 1" drop.
  7. Power steering delete rear subframe rack question.

    clickRemove the rear rack and install the 3sx AWS delete kit. It has adjustable arms to lock the rear trailing arms in place and a welsh plug for the diff where the pump comes out.Can be done with subframe in car but it’s not hard to remove it.
  8. Old newbie

    Hi Mike, I am also in NZ. The best shipping method I have used by far is NZPost’s “YouShop” service. See their website. it gives you a local address in the US, England and China they then forward it to your NZ address.It is cheaper than USPS and you have insurance and shipping speed...
  9. New HTA68 Turbo install questions

    All the stock lines will fit but... I installed my HTA and used the stock head oil feed line that was on my old 16g. The turbo lasted about 500miles before it died due to lack of oiling. I had it rebuilt and ran the oil feed from the Oil filter housing instead of the head. Its still going strong...
  10. Idle Issues

    ^ Yep.

    Back from the dead. Cheekychimp how did the panel hold up with just two bolt holes and no re-inforcing? I see Cuttlassjim made a couple of re-inforcing plates for his which seems like a good idea but if its not needed I'd rather save myself the hassle.I am about to install the full set of...
  12. Serpentine Belt Keeps Being Tossed

    That escalated quickly!
  13. Radiator Fan constantly on even when the car is off

    It will be the fan relay which has stuck closed. Find it and test it.
  14. fuel supply and return hanger/clamps

    If you take one of the stock clips off you will see that the plastic insert comes out leaving just the metal surround.This gives you a lot more space for the hoses and may be enough for your feed and return. Or at least give you a starting point to do some massaging of the stock clips to suit.
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