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Recent content by KoR32t4g

  1. bobdole

    Great experience with this seller, responds quickly and sends candy!
  2. R. Perez's 1992 VR-4 48/1000

    I've got her now . She's being well taken care of, and I still have the original wheels just not on right now.
  3. Update on 1280/2000

    Night and day difference. I can't wait for you guys to come up and you better bring the car!
  4. Update on 1280/2000

    48 is missing her buddy
  5. Any VR4s in the Virginia area?

    I've heard there are a couple of VR4s here but I have yet to see any.
  6. Center Console Removal

    I was just informed that the pictures I had previously uploaded were through photo bucket and no longer available, I found all of them and re-uploaded. My apologies for the issues.Thank you by the way.
  7. Vman911

    Awesome seller! He was very thorough in explaining what I was getting and triple checked with me to make sure I knew what modifications I needed to do. Super fast shipping and a pleasure to deal with.
  8. Is this piston useable?

    Quoting Olson: Clean it up smooth it out and run it.I agree, worked for me with my R32.
  9. New Owner of #1899/2000

    Looks like your luck is turning around on the car. Awesome thread! Sorry to hear about your pup though, that's got to be tough.
  10. 48/1000 New Owner

    Thank you so much!
  11. 48/1000 New Owner

    Yep, that's me. I love your VR4, it's sick!Thank you guys!
  12. Center Console Removal

    If this topic has already been covered, which I'm sure it has at some point, I apologize. I did some searches on console removal and the only thing that I could find was a how to text thread. As this was helpful, I thought maybe pictures would make it easier to understand. I have never removed a...
  13. 48/1000 New Owner

    Thank you!
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