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Recent content by Imback

  1. Imback

    1991 galant vr4 ROLLER in Mass $2500 or B.O

    I wondered when i would see my old badge pop up
  2. Imback

    Windshield washer relocation kit

    I know a some people like to keep there windshield washer sprayer. Unfortunately most cars are missing them or the bottles have turned a strange shade of orange white. I personally never like the location of it and i appreciate a clean engine bay so i sourced out a different bottle/pump and...
  3. Imback

    Galant GSX build (and how to evict rodent squatters)

    Glad to see some parts from 1316 live on.
  4. Imback

    JDM Clutch Issues

    When i got my car i got told the reason it stopped getting driven was cause of a blown clutch or something along those lines. I got it home took apart everything and replaced master and slave still to no avail. I did find the problem though. It ended up being the pedal assembly. Replaced it with...
  5. Imback

    WTB: Radiator Fan Plug

    Can you send me a pic of one to see if i have one laying around you can have.
  6. Imback

    exhaust manifold

    Why not just run the fp manifold and be done with it?
  7. Imback

    splicing in pigtails

    That wiring to those particular connectors is probably stiff and brittle. I would re do with new pins and new connectors. You can buy them individually through Sheridan engineering
  8. Imback

    OEM T case Recall kit

    I have 2 of these been sitting for a few years so one of them has slight surface rust. 200 each.
  9. Imback

    OEM Radio Pinout
  10. Imback

    WTB: Ecmlink and Eprom

    My friend has one. I just texted him i'm sure hell chime in soon enough.
  11. Imback

    WTB old digital tuning palm data log cable.

    It does unfortunately i can't help with that maybe someone still has one laying around.
  12. Imback

    Wtb - Hood and Trunk - Colorado and Surrounding

    Damm wish you were closer i'm trying to get rid of my other trunk that's sitting in the backyard
  13. Imback

    WTB old digital tuning palm data log cable.

    So your trying to log with an older version of dsmlink correct?
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