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Recent content by ihugzombies

  1. FS: Original vr4 radio

    pictures of it?
  2. VR4 Pictures Post Here !!

    Heres the most recent pic of mine at the Japanese Classic Car Show :)
  3. FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    Just reviving this thread to see if there is any way to get an order of mats in or if anyone knows who can make a set
  4. Need ECMLink mentor in So Cal

    Hey send me a PM I can point you to someone possibly in Van Nuys / SoCal area
  5. Recommendations for IC piping

    My current IC piping is old and corroding leading to a few leaks. Anyone have any recommendations for replacement or kits?
  6. FS: Used JDM Keyless Fuel Lid & Innovate LC-1 [SOLD]

    Some crazy chance the fuel door still available?
  7. Boost Leak Test (Audio) Question

    OMG I have this noise too but when my car is running. It does it every so often and it drives me nuts because I don't know what it is or can't describe it enough. Following this thread now for an update
  8. GVR-4

    Dave was an amazing dude to do business with in acquiring an A-pillar piece for my car. Made the process easy and communicated great through the whole thing. This is the guy who you want to buy from!
  9. Help Identifying Temp Sensor

    Thank you so much! This answered my question, I didn't know there was a difference with US & JDM specWith that tidbit of info I was able to find the part correctlyFor reference in the future its part #MB356704
  10. Help Identifying Temp Sensor

    This is the radiator fan sensor that sits at the bottom of the radiator. I can't seem to find which one this is exactly as the OEM ones seem to have the 2 paddles perpendicular to each other. The 2g sensor seems similar but the notch on the top of this one is different so I just want to be sure...
  11. FS: gvr4 roller/parts

    Do you have the driver A pillar and center AC vents???
  12. Idle Woes / New ECU not working

    Would anyone have a readout for a healthy running car to compare?
  13. Idle Woes / New ECU not working

    Sorry it took awhile, started a new job this week so finally had time to work a little more on the car today. Here is screens of the log:
  14. Idle Woes / New ECU not working

    tektic: I set the BISS but going through the car/referencing my manual I found the Idle Position Switch to be completely broken off the top and the green wire that plugs into it hanging off the back of the manifold. I also see the the TB isn't grounded at all.I've ordered a new switch and...
  15. Radiator Fan Fuse keeps blowing

    I just finished wiring up my 12inch puller fan and running it successfully however the fuse blew. Pins 1-6 (resistor) are together, 2-5 are to the thermosensor and 4-6 are to the spal. I replaced the fuse and ran both fans SPAL puller and stock A/C pusher and the fuse blew again. Tested the...