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Recent content by ihugzombies

  1. ihugzombies

    Can someone identify this shock setup?

    I think you're correct. I did some searching and found someone on an mr2 forum running a similar setup that looks near identical. Thank you (y)
  2. ihugzombies

    Can someone identify this shock setup?

    $100 + shipping and they're yours
  3. ihugzombies

    Can someone identify this shock setup?

    So I pulled this off of my vr4 for some jic coilovers and wanted to know if these are worth anything or should I toss them? All I can gather on them is this...Adjustable KYB front struts w/ Hyperco spring (MB672066 2C06 part # engraving)Koni Yellow rear shocks (2G?) w/ Hyperco springs
  4. ihugzombies

    FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    Just got a set made and I'm so happy with the turnout!Went with the stock interior gray with silver lettering on the logos
  5. ihugzombies

    1991 Summit White Partout *UPDATED 6/14*

    Thanks for the speedy reply, I think I'll pass, theyre a little more worn than my current onesThanks again!
  6. ihugzombies

    WTB: VR4 parts needed: spoiler, bumpers, etc.

    You got that rear shade by chance 👀
  7. ihugzombies

    1991 Summit White Partout *UPDATED 6/14*

    Can i see the condition of the lower radiator bushings and upper radiator mounts?
  8. ihugzombies

    FS: Original vr4 radio

    pictures of it?
  9. ihugzombies

    VR4 Pictures Post Here !!

    Heres the most recent pic of mine at the Japanese Classic Car Show :)
  10. ihugzombies

    FS: Floormats! Come get your floormats!

    Just reviving this thread to see if there is any way to get an order of mats in or if anyone knows who can make a set
  11. ihugzombies

    Need ECMLink mentor in So Cal

    Hey send me a PM I can point you to someone possibly in Van Nuys / SoCal area
  12. ihugzombies

    Recommendations for IC piping

    My current IC piping is old and corroding leading to a few leaks. Anyone have any recommendations for replacement or kits?
  13. ihugzombies

    FS: Used JDM Keyless Fuel Lid & Innovate LC-1 [SOLD]

    Some crazy chance the fuel door still available?
  14. ihugzombies

    Boost Leak Test (Audio) Question

    OMG I have this noise too but when my car is running. It does it every so often and it drives me nuts because I don't know what it is or can't describe it enough. Following this thread now for an update
  15. ihugzombies


    Dave was an amazing dude to do business with in acquiring an A-pillar piece for my car. Made the process easy and communicated great through the whole thing. This is the guy who you want to buy from!
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