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Recent content by H05TYL

  1. gearbox question for the NZ guys

    I've used Noel at Mossrax in Wellington before. Again not very close, but in the right island at least!I did my last one myself though. If you have access to a press and suitable measuring tools it's not particularly difficult, just time consuming making sure the pre-load/endfloat is...
  2. cam bearing cap installation

    They'll almost certainly have witness marks on the underside which make it clear which way round they go.
  3. tranny removal help

    Not on the vr4, but I once pulled a gearbox out of a rotary converted Mitsi L200 pick-up that had twisted the input shaft enough that I had to unbolt the pressure plate from the flywheel (through the inspection hole) to get the box off!
  4. Modified 1G Lifters Instead Of 3G Lifters What Do You Guys Think??

    The didn't tick when they were new.I soaked mine overnight and cleaned them thouroughly and they never ticked again.
  5. Alternator Removal

    Keep the stock heatsheild around the turbo/dump pipe (or make a new one) and you'll not need to replace the alternator so frequently.I did 4 in 8 years before I figured this out
  6. Does anyone know how to adjust the trunk torsion bars?

    Bolt the spoiler to the inside of the boot lid?
  7. Does anyone know how to adjust the trunk torsion bars?

    If you disconnect one of the two torsion bars it will just pop up an inch or so when you open it.However you will need some way to prop it fully open so it doesn't drop on your head.
  8. Fiberglassing the vr4 body parts

    1/2" gap seems excessive, but if you shift the skirt over a bit you'll have an 1/8" gap at each end, which isn't too noticable (probably close to what they have stock, they certainly aren't totally flush from the factory).
  9. 17x9 +24 Wheels

    Quoting mitsuturbo: WHOA! I totally missed that he's mentioned 235/40 on EIGHTEEN inch wheels..Yeah, that would be a good size for 17's, but for 18's i can see why it's not fitting very well.235/40/18's are pretty tall, but that's what I had on my mine (on 18x9 +30) and the only rubbing...
  10. How to mount this bonnet/hood?

    Good point, I'd assumed he was going to use pins at the front, but still wanted to use the hinges at the rear, rather than having a pin at each corner and having to remove the hood completely.Aero catches are a great idea, and you can get lockable ones too (I had to resort to using a padlock...
  11. How to mount this bonnet/hood?

    Assuming you don't want nuts/bolts sticking right through you will need to glass in some metal plates with drilled and tapped holes to bolt the hinges to (from the looks of things you will need a spacer between the hood and the hinge anyway, so you may as well attatch it to the hood and use it...
  12. recommend me an awesome slimfan...

    The fan setups in recent Audi's are pretty slim, about half as deep as the stock fan, and have a better blade design than most aftermarket slinline fans I've seen.Most newer cars probably run similar fans with shrouds on a radiator of similar size to the gvr4 one. It's what I'd be looking...
  13. TH3 Lazy arse Australian / New Zealand Picture build thread

    Nah, that was RedTwo's zr4 I think.Mine was 3-bolt rs with re-drilled hubs (hence the large number of broken axles).
  14. TH3 Lazy arse Australian / New Zealand Picture build thread

    I can't quite understand why anyone would want to steal it - it'd sat in a paddock for 14 months so was looking pretty sad, (I only convinced it to run again two weeks ago) and there's nothing on it aside from the wheels thats worth much money.Anyhow, seeing as this is a picture thread, here's...
  15. TH3 Lazy arse Australian / New Zealand Picture build thread

    Yup, locked garage, locked and alarmed car with steering wheel removed and a starter thats on the way out and needs smacking with a hammer before it'll work.No plates on it either as i wasn't planning on using it on the street again anytime soon.Guessing they must have towed it.
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