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  1. FS: LKQ GREENVILLE NC is showing a Galant VR4 on their yard

    Anyone check on the car recently? My rear bumper has rotted away and I would like to find a replacement. If this one is still present and not suffering from rust itself, I might need to take a trip.
  2. the rebuild of 1384

    Thanks. I need to redo my subframe and was debating spending ~350 to have it sandblasted and powdercoated or just doing it what you did. It looks good.
  3. the rebuild of 1384

    What did you use to refinish the subframe? Looks really good.
  4. Radio: OEM options or period correct upgrade

    I pulled all the aftermarket audio out of my car and have been looking at returning it to stock-ish, and I thought I'd use this thread to post some more information about the stock radios.First up, this was the base radio for the VR-4 and the one that came in my car. MB541074Next...
  5. WTB: Rear bumper, radio brackets, double din radio trim, dash speaker

    Thanks, appreciate it. Let me know, I found a source for the brackets, though I haven't pulled the trigger yet. I also have the double din trim originally from my car, but mine also has 1 broken tab (and one bent tab).
  6. WTB: Rear bumper, radio brackets, double din radio trim, dash speaker

    Looking for the following items as I'm working on restoring my car and "unpimping" the auto.Stock Radio Brackets Double Din Radio trim (seem to have broken the tabs on my stock one Dash speaker - I know these suck, but maybe you've got a good condition one laying around. I poked a hole in...
  7. FS: Replica VR-4 Trunk Badges

    Got my two badges today after placing an order last week.I am not sure if I was the only one who was unsure of the material, even after reading the description. Just so everyone knows, the original badges are plastic, but these replicas are made of metal and are nice and heavy and solid...
  8. WTB: 1992 Radio

    FYI, it came in today. Condition was good. I plugged it in and attached a jumper pack to the car. Cassette, AM/FM all work great. Illumination is a yellow-ish green, though so it doesn't quite match the car. Doing a little more digging and it might actually be from a Diamante.EDIT...
  9. WTB: 1992 Radio

    Haven't gotten it yet. Should come tomorrow. Will have to figure out how to power it on to test it, but based on the color of the printing on the face, it should be green.
  10. WTB: 1992 Radio

    As far as I know, the only radio with the amp was the '91 CD player unit. The big double din tape deck units didn't have the amp, and those are the ones I think could be shared across '91 and '92.So I take it you are looking for the '92 CD player unit? I found a source for the top tape deck...
  11. WTB: 1992 Radio

    Hey, which 1992 radio are you looking for?I think the base 2 radios are the same as 91, with the base being a Double Din Tape Deck with the mid-grade being a Double Din Tape Deck with Equalizer. The top is a separate single din tape deck with an accompanying single din CD player. As far as...
  12. Fuel Tank to Fuel Rail line upgrade question - how much line do I need?

    Got all my fittings in. I ended up going with Fasster LLC fittings that I got from eBay. I got a -6an female fitting and a -6an 90deg elbow and some of their PTFE nylon wrapped stainless tubing. I also got a Vibrant Performance 5/16" tube to -6 AN male fitting.The Fasster stuff actually...
  13. Fuel Tank to Fuel Rail line upgrade question - how much line do I need?

    Thanks for all the advice! I'm not trying to upgrade my line size for now, just trying to get the f#%$ing flexible hose off the hard line and the fuel hat.Based on what I've read, now I'm thinking about just re-using my existing hard-line since it seems to be ok good shape, cutting the...
  14. Fuel Tank to Fuel Rail line upgrade question - how much line do I need?

    Mainly due to effort. There are pre-made kits ready to go, and many just go that route.But not opposed to it either. If I go hard-line, which one do you recommend?
  15. Fuel Tank to Fuel Rail line upgrade question - how much line do I need?

    Thanks. I did do some rough measurements, and I think I need just over 10 ft of line, which is what has been so frustrating. I can't get anyone on the phone from STM, and I think their kit price is pretty decent as it includes the fuel filter. However, I am about ready to go another way.
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