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  1. Fight with insurance--We won

    About a month ago, as some of you know, my wifes 'parked' car was hit in the grocery store parking lot. She called the guys insurance and they ended up trying to total it out for about $1,800 (even after submitting paperwork showing its value, like recent sales of vr-4's at around...
  2. FS: $250 + True shipping cost 1993 clear headlight.

    still available? shipped to 89403
  3. 1992 Kensington Grey Check in.

    #784 KG with sun roof

    I'd be interested in the fan's and Cruz control. Assuming there the same for vr4
  5. SOLD: Drivers A pillar with gauge pod

    Sold, but can I buy just the pod. Don't need a pillar
  6. FS: ets intercooler kit

    First dips. Can you wait till Friday for payment
  7. FS: ets intercooler kit

    This a actual ets kit, or ets Fmic with custom piping to fit?
  8. FS: ets intercooler pipe

    Sry auto correct. This is not ets brand. Just setup for use with ets Fmic?
  9. FS: ets intercooler pipe

    So this is not a ETA brand. Just meet for use with ETA Fmic
  10. FS: Vr4 Cylone Intercooler >> SOLD!!!! <<

    Been looking for something mild and bolt on. Still kinda new to the vr4. This should let retain ac? What the core size. Very interested. What shipping be to NV USA
  11. FS: 567/1000 part out /fire sale

    Bezel around radio and cubby under it. Shift knob, boot and trim that hold boot?
  12. New Owner 92 vr4 #784

    Going to start of by introducing my self. Name Shaun. Some of you might now me. Been building DSM since I was 17. Currently 30. Own heavily modified 93 GSX with a 2.4L. Built 10yrs ago now. Still running strong. Own 2 1ga as daily. One mine other wife's. Wife also has a 92 tsi. Soon to be build...
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