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Recent content by gramkrakr89

  1. Landing Page

    It's called tradition...value it
  2. WTB: Turbo (see thread)

    Just wanting to get a feel for what's out there currently...My old BB 60-1 is finally too far gone - I'm in need of an easy partial transplant to keep 689 on the road.I need a Garrett turbo (that fits the same old BEP bolt-on DSM housing) for a decent price.It would be nice if it had...
  3. Need help with a quickness *Update as of 2 July*

    ^^ The ECU ignores O2 at WOT as far as I know (open loop). It only watches it during lower load, lower throttle, lower RPM combinations (closed loop) to set fuel trims.Your flickering/intermittent CEL sounds like what happens when the "coolant temp CEL" value is exceeded by the coolant temp...
  4. Forza 4 May TopGear Car Pack

    Quoting 4G632NR: This is pretty nice to bad am a PS3 player... Also gran turismo 4 i believe the had the galant vr4 too. And now in GT5 they have a 97 talon to bad is only the esiIf I am not mistaken, GT5 has the Galant VR4 as well
  5. FS: Greddy bits

    It appears as if the hose adapter screws in and out of the opening...?
  6. Cyclone manifold power limitations?

    I've got a cyclone setup that will be going on 689 when I get the time and $$$ to make things happen. It flows something like only 1 or 2 CFM less than a stock 1g manifold up top, but the improvement in velocity down low when the short runners are closed is gonna be worth it... just my $.02...
  7. Cyclone intake W/ECMLink?

    soo... is VTEC boost dependent?
  8. turbine wheel?

    I got a flower of some sort... a big one...
  9. Issue after adjusting clutch

    my clutch did this exact thing one day when leaving work... the slave cylinder seal blew and leaked fluid out of the rod end of the slave cylinder. Pull off the boot to check for fluid.A new slave cylinder and a thorough clutch system bleed solved the problem. Make sure the fluid level in the...
  10. High Idle and Vacuum boost

    make sure the idle switch isn't holding the throttle open a touch more than it should... this is a common stop-gap fix for a bad ISC system that I have run across...if you need an intake and idle checklist let us knowgood luck!
  11. Timing at high base idle

    The base timing is set via grounding the timing adjust terminal and, using a timing (strobe) light from the ignition on cyl#1, turning the CAS until the mark on the crank lines up with the 5deg mark on the lower timing cover.ECMlink can only tell you how much the ignition timing is being...
  12. High Idle and Vacuum boost

    Is your throttle cable too tight?good luck!
  13. Sputter under throttle.

    Your symptoms sure did describe an intake leak. Good luck with the repairs!
  14. Is this still a concern?

    There are also horror stories out there about running an aftermarket billet pulley - just get another stock replacement pulley/damper if yours shows any uncomfortable signs of age.
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