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Recent content by Gilga5

  1. Aftermarket Support

    I greatly appreciate your response and info! I'm still fairly new to the mitsubishi game since my 90 galant was passed on to me. Are they consider 1g or 2g?
  2. Aftermarket Support

    It has been quite difficult to find lowering springs or coilovers for fwd galants. I know Malaysia and Philippines have tremendous support but how about U.S?I know Vr4 has. But anyone know of any sites to find parts?
  3. Aftermarket Parts?

    Hello everyone,I have been trying to find some sites that sell aftermarket parts for single cam galants and Vr4s but mainly for single cam.I know chances are low since Malaysia is the only country that still produces parts for 4g63sohc. But was wondering if anyone has insight.Greatly...
  4. Aftermarket Parts

    Yes engine wise i know there is no way to change parts but in terms of lowering suspension, better brakes ect...But i did end up finding a site called Carid
  5. Coilovers or lowering springs for sohc

    So i have been trying to rear Coilovers or lowering springs for my 1990 galant sohc. It seems only vr4 has more options. Anyone knows what other car i can interchange parts or sites for aftermarket parts that is ore specific for galants.
  6. Aftermarket Parts

    Yeah Unfortunately sohc gets no love. But I was hoping if maybe there are some interchangeable parts one can put into from the vr4 onto the sohc for example perhaps exhaust.
  7. Aftermarket Parts

    Does anyone know any sites I can find parts for a single cam galant or vr4. Thank you!
  8. Clutch cable

    So I ended up replacing both clutch master and slave and now it functions properly. Also, from the car sitting in the garage for so long might of caused it not function and fluids drying up within the lines ect...either way everything is all good and I appreciate all the advice given here. Thank...
  9. Clutch cable

    I checked for leaks and nothing. This car was barely ever used. But yes I will get these fluids changed flushed and changed.
  10. Clutch cable

    So I bleed the clutch, was functioning for a bit but then it locked up again. At this point maybe the transmission oil is need with the tranny considering hasnt been done and has been sitting for so long.
  11. Clutch cable

    Thank you! I will check this out and see. It must be under seeing that it is not visible from up top.
  12. Clutch cable

  13. Clutch cable

    Yeah this car has been garaged all its life in warm temperature only has 48k on it as of now. But 2 years ago I took it out and starting doing tune ups here and there. I did check the fluid ans there was barely any and also was dirty. I cleaned and put some fluid in it. And started to operate...
  14. Clutch cable

    Well I cant believe I Missed that smh. It is Hydro. I will check to see if the fluid is low.
  15. Clutch cable

    My car only has 48k miles on it all original
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