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  1. Fight with insurance--We won

    Quoting ApexHunter: I believe there are a number of members on here who have the car insured for "agreed upon value", and I think they are using Hagerty although I don't think they are the only game in ton.My 1989 turbo C53A Colt (Mirage) with modified drivetrain (4g63t swap plus upgrades to...
  2. Occasional stall issue

    If the ECU needs a going over, you send it to ECMLink, not Ebay rebuilders.They are the most trusted Mitsu ECU rebuilders in the USA, and they make ECMLink (formerly KA DSMLink).
  3. Was there a reset?

    I want to say that anyone that is inactive past X time frame is automatically moved to unregistered status.IIRC correctly 1 yr inactive to trigger the switch?
  4. Didn't bench bleed brake master cylinder... Now what?

    Try this to start:brake booster function testIf the master wasn't bled properly, you can crack the line fittings and have someone depress the pedal to the floor and reconnect while the pedal is still depressed. Tapping on the housing can help migrates air bubbles "upwards" in the system, to...
  5. Consensus on spring on spring rates?

    Nearly identical to a Colt Summit and Mirage C50/60 platform, in FWD.
  6. what is this?

    I would assume you are correct in someone adding green glow to the housings.All lights would come from the engine bay side and be pointed directly forward if OEM and in the factory headlamp assemblies.
  7. New to Mitsubishi...few GVR4 questions

    Quoting BlackHornet: Soooooooo....I will start a thread about the car and its progress but I have a question to ask first;When the key is turned, I get nothing. Like, not even dash lights. My plan is to pull the motor to make it easier to get to the harness BUT I was wondering if theres...
  8. My christmas gift for my 1837/2000

    That is 9 years ago.
  9. Rewire the Car

    I suggest that if multiple sensors went down all at once, you either have very dirty connection points of contact and or you have a ground wire or shared wiring that never got hooked up.Check out the wiring diagrams and see if there is any commonality that may not be plugged in or connected...
  10. Aftermarket fan won’t turn on

    Do the Galants have a radiator fan switch mounted down low?Also to the OP, what termpature/thermostat are you using because as stated the motor might not be getting hot enough to normally trigger the fan at like 206 or whatever temp it is spec'd in the FSM (factory service manuals).
  11. Reaching 350 bhp safely?

    Any car you get, must have been gone over for the basic routine maintenance - recalls, timing belt, and lots of other little things.I suggest looking at a US car, but consider the currency exchange is bad right now.If you are in Quebec, you cannot import a RHD car anymore. Zilch, zip...
  12. Reaching 350 bhp safely?

    If you run a non chambered muffler as part of the upgrade which likely will occur, the police in Quebec like to give tickets for that. Severely lowering the car, same scenario.That said, what are you prepared to pay for the car itself landed, all in, and then have for upgrades and tuning...
  13. Please help for sale listings

    Quoting JoeDaddy0: Hi, My car was recently hit and my insurance co State Farm is .under appraising the value.I need for sale postings of cars like mine for my insurance company underestimating the value of my carcar was hit and the car has much more than a new Jackson Auto ported, polished...
  14. long shot. does anyone know jafro from youtube

    Quoting kooter: I would like to contact him if possible .Have you tried him on Patreon.Not sure how that setup works but it helps fund his video efforts. Might have chat scenarios?
  15. Clutch cable

    Quoting Gilga5: So I ended up replacing both clutch master and slave and now it functions properly. Also, from the car sitting in the garage for so long might of caused it not function and fluids drying up within the lines ect...either way everything is all good and I appreciate all the advice...