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Recent content by fivestardsm

  1. FS: 15 years of dsm/gvr4 accumulation ($1- $1800)

    Still have shells left and dsm parts, don't be afraid to buy all this stuff
  2. FS: 15 years of dsm/gvr4 accumulation ($1- $1800)

    Quoting coyotes: worst for sale thread ever!!!Actually for me it has been one of the most profitable threads I've ever posted.. But thanks for your opinion, and the bump!
  3. FS: 15 years of dsm/gvr4 accumulation ($1- $1800)

    Quoting Lglracer352: He said on $10-15 items. Im trying to get a lot at once. But it was worth a try.Its a good try, but I only have 1 or 2 of he things you are looking for. Sorry.Also, anyone that reads this, which obviously isn't the ones that reply on the thread, I DO NOT check the...
  4. FS: 15 years of dsm/gvr4 accumulation ($1- $1800)

    Only if you buy the entire car.
  5. FS: 15 years of dsm/gvr4 accumulation ($1- $1800)

    Well i'm done.(Please read this entire post before you even think of contacting me!!!)I have been receiving a ton of text that have been very short with 2 or 3 words... Please, if you can't text complete sentences, DO NOT TEXT ME!All sales are cash and carry... I.e. I...
  6. 90 awd trans yes or no?

    Oh, im sorry... maybe I should have put a smiley face there also?
  7. 90 awd trans yes or no?

    Quoting RichHenry: iid just like a simple answer. i ahev a 92 vr4. i found a 90 awd trans in mint condition for a super great price. kid says the shifter bracket is the only different. does the 90 awd trans fit into the 92 vr4? yes or no. i dont want a discription. jsut an answer. k thanks
  8. Carbon Fibre Hoods and Trunks ... Hardcore Racers Only!

    Yeah I tried this my self, but never heard back from Karter. click
  9. Exhaust trouble!!!

    I have the Megan 2G cat delete D.P. on mine. The 2 G seems to work a little better on the VR4's from what I have found. I had a 1G D.P. also and the clerance was a little closer to the driveshaft then the 2G.Just my $.02
  10. Quick Question: Which Way -PIston Ring Top/Bottom

    Quoting mitsuturbo: Since when?Most rings have a marking on them. This marking always goes UP, afaik.The Mahle rings i just installed have a beveled inside lower edge on the 2nd ring. They're clearly marked "up" on the top of the ring. This has been my experience with ALL piston rings. There...
  11. Hello to all the recent NEW Memebers!

    Just wanted to say hello since I have been slacking in my usual contact P.M.'s for the new members. Also I wanted to remind everyone about the Picture Post that is in the General VR4 discussion forums.If you would, Please leave a picture of your VR4 in the post with the #(s)Thank you all...
  12. engine rebuild

    The first tip is to search the site. This has been covered many many times. It all depends on what you are looking for and the mods that you are running or planning to run.I personally was running a set of web street grinds, they were just right for what I was doing. Fairly mild. My webs on...
  13. Resonably priced intercooler plumbing, etc.

    Ive purchased from them before also. Its decent stuff, and cheap.
  14. No spark on 1 and 4

    I have run into the problem also, Mine turned out to be the power transistor was bad.
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