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Recent content by Diego

  1. JDM front bumper

    Someone took angle iron for the front I got... But I won CurtisCo brackets years back that came into great use.Diego
  2. Picture request

    I had this problem as well....So it fell and scrubbed the concrete a bit..... Anyone know what clips actually go there for the (8?mm) bolt to go into?Diego
  3. WTB: dash badge

    Need a 92 dash badge. Someone let go of just one out of your collections. PleaseDiego
  4. FS: Gvr4 AC compressor

    It's the stock AC compressor so I believe it's the old stuff. I didn't want to retro fit the AC and Iowa has decided it has a monsoon season this year so I still have no need to put it back.Just sitting in my dad's garage taking up a corner spot with other odds and ends.Diego
  5. The Difference on a GVR4 and an Evo8 Knock Sensor?

    No^. Or at least I haven't seen that option/function in LinkDiego
  6. FS: Gvr4 AC compressor

    As the title states, GVR4 AC compressor. Took my AC out, don't need it in the garage.$50 obo+ ship/pp feesDiego
  7. (Resolved) Brick wall around 4000 RPM

    Oooh your car # is close to mine....
  8. WTB: compatable injectors for my setup

    I have some 550s. They would be near stockish with a little more oomph.Diego
  9. Mods Please Read

    I think if he needs backing, one would summon GeorgeBillings,Justin,GalantVr4559(Bryan),Kris Parish (can't remember his handle off hand), Willie G, and most importantly Sir John thee Toybreaker himself....
  10. Size of door decal?

    It's a JDM thingDiego
  11. Size of door decal?

    21 7/8"x 1"Diego
  12. Size of door decal?

    I'll go measure and report backDiego
  13. FS: Replica Keyfobs - Updated MAY 2020

    Got mine today.... Thanks again Steve
  14. Hey im new

  15. WTB: AMG Front bumper or full body kit

    ^ I've sourced the brown window.... Shipping is what would scare me.
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