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Recent content by dammitjim

  1. 474/2000

  2. Soldering tool

    Solding with cheap tools is such a PITA. If possible go with something like a Weller, older Hakko 936 or this newer Hakko:clickI've got a 936 and it is fantastic. There are off brand versions for less that get decent reviews. If your budget is under $50 I'd go with something like...
  3. FS: 92 GVR-4 $1200 Central WI

    Are you sure it's not a 91? Sounds like 555/2000
  4. FS: 1992 GVR4 #393 $3500OBO Green Bay WI

    Do you have pics of the rust?
  5. Calling all cars...

    Do a compression test and post the results
  6. WTB: Stock lug nuts

    I haven't heard back from thedsmguy. Anyone else have some extra nuts?
  7. WTB: Stock lug nuts

    Quoting thedsmguy: You can get them on Ebay etc. But I have a ton of these as well, all in used condition tho. I do not think you could squeeze 20 into a small flat rate tho, Shipping on a med flat rate would be $12 and I'd put 20 together for you for $10 to me.. So a total of $22LMK.I'll...
  8. WTB: Stock lug nuts

    Thanks man. PM sent.
  9. WTB: Stock lug nuts

    Looking for 20 stock flat lug nuts in decent condition. I need them for an IS300 and from what I can tell those wheels use the same lug nuts as a VR4.
  10. Shift Knobs

    I've got a UUC knob that I've used in multiple cars. It's drilled all the way through and mounted with a setscrew so it can be as high or low as you want. The shift pattern label covers the hole, and they have multiple pattern available. They are nice and heavy.It's like these but an...
  11. FS: Kids Destroyed the PS3 game sale

    Can we get the story behind how the kid managed to destroy it?
  12. Starter damage and a host of other problems. HELP PLEASE!!

    Fix the timing belt first. Can you post pics of where it looks loose?Your starter problem might be this - click
  13. FS: 2001 Toyota 4Runner Lancaster PA $5499 OBO

    I know these things hold their value, but is a 10 year old 4Runner with 300k and a bad trans really worth over $5k?
  14. First time engine rebuilt question # 1 with lots of pics

    Quoting yeti: I was actually asking, i'm not the best with proper grammar.Ok, apostrophes are correct in contractions or if something is owned by something: Don't step on that dog's balls. The dog owns the balls. When in doubt just don't use them and you'll probably get it right.Sorry...
  15. First time engine rebuilt question # 1 with lots of pics

    No worrie's. Just busting balls.
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