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Recent content by codeofdastreets

  1. FS: 91' GVR4 $3500obo/ft...Sumterville, FL*update*

    Looking foward for this car to hit the track with me
  2. FS: [SOLD] 91 Summit White GVR4 (936/2000) - Chicago, IL - $5800

    wow car is clean, wish you where closer, i'd defenity be a serious buyer
  3. FS: punishment racing hotkit t4

    Punishment racing t4 hotkit..1g or 2g, schudule 10 304ss open t4 tubular manifold flanged for a 44/46 mm wastegate, 3in o2 vband that bolts up to stock style dsm dp, dump tube flanged for a 44/46mm wastegate... $1000
  4. FS: 1g dsm body parts, performance, drivetrain

    Body is being scapped and guy looking for t case pics i pm"d you..
  5. FS: 1g dsm body parts, performance, drivetrain

    I have a 1991 tsi in dark spectrum blue ( rare color), this is a full body part out.. Pm or text for pics 9176805970 AndrewPrimer bumper semi cut for fmic-60Rear bumper good condition-100Full 1ga wing kit-100Talon tail light with center piece good condition-80Center side moldings...
  6. florida gvr4/ dsm thread

    which meet?? and anyone going to fl2k13?? I was planned on being there and a injector is acting up so i probly will be there 4g63less... :/
  7. florida gvr4/ dsm thread

    yeah once im bored with my shell, id like to swap my setup over to a gvr4
  8. florida gvr4/ dsm thread

    palm harbor florida with a 1991 talon tsi
  9. florida gvr4/ dsm thread

    This is a check in and thread for florida gvr4, ggsx, dsm, csm owner.. Post pics, updates, meets, etc..
  10. FS: HRD T4 exshaust manifold fs with pics

    I like this manifold alot, but im using it on 1g and the 1g front mount is longer.. also the turbo sits lower then a reg dsm t4 mani.. this manifold is really made for a vr4 or ggsx.. i had it on my 1g but had to weld the 90 on..nothing wrong with the manifold , just mocked to fit a galant and...
  11. FS: HRD T4 exshaust manifold fs with pics

    that t4 35r housing is wide and makes it hard even with a normal bottem mount lol
  12. FS: HRD T4 exshaust manifold fs with pics

    I have for sale a custom HRD T4 single scroll exshaust manifold for sale that is mocked up for a gvr4 or ggsx. Manifold has 2 hrs of idiol time on it and im selling it because I want to go top mount..550 shipped
  13. FS: 700+ hp turbo set(fp turbo)

    bump still forsale, also have a ecmlink 1g v3 with ecu 91-94 525 shipped turbo setup 1800 plus shipping firm
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