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Recent content by broxma

  1. FS: 93 Headlights 100+shipping

    Have a set of 93 headlights. Not the greatest set I've found but I need the room.One has very good chrome. One, not so much. It would probably make sense to swap the chrome on the bad one but I just don't have the motivation to do it.Here are some pictures.Both of them. Top one is in good...
  2. SOLD

    I have always wanted to pull the motor and drivetrain from that bike and put it in a chopper. Maybe after I get the Murano running and some parts for the 240 I'll do that.GLWS and I'll check on this in a few./brox
  3. Strange Problem...Car will not move even when engages in gear....

    Quoting broxma: Couldn't the axles be locked in the transmission correctly, and the joint at the spindle have popped out? I assume it's got an stock gearbox, so if one of the axles had come uncoupled, at the spindle, the axle would spin fine at the transmission but the wheel wouldn't move...
  4. Strange Problem...Car will not move even when engages in gear....

    Just a thought.Doesn't the VC require a bit of heat to actually lock the system together? I always believed it did, or at the very least that it is not as locked as might be believed. I'd wonder if without front wheel propulsion if the weight of the car and a cold box would be enough friction...
  5. Evo suspension lowering springs ?

    I used 1G AGX's with Evo 8/9 Sprint front springs and a chopped stock rear spring. Compensated with a big Whiteline rear sway bar. there should be a picture of my old car around here. I'll try and find it./brox
  6. Coil Packs and Dwell Time

    To ride along with one of the things you mentioned in the last post, about the way the Intrepid coils each see battery voltage...One of the changes I am going to do to the setup I run on the Nissan is run the power wire off a relay. Since the positive wire at the harness is always hot, I plan...
  7. Coil Packs and Dwell Time

    I am amazed this topic is still going. I never got around to posting any results using the dual ignitor setup so here you go.I got rid of/parted out my Galant. Too many frame issues for the power levels it was looking to make led me to the conclusion it wouldn't have been safe at the speeds it...
  8. FS: 89 Manual seatbelt setup

    Want to get rid of it. 200.00 shipped./brox
  9. WTB: Built Trans or Ready to Rebuild Trans in MidAtlantic/NOVA

    How built and what are you looking to spend?/brox
  10. WTB: T3 manifold

    Whats you're price range? I have a DNP SS manifold, 44mm vband, I bought new and ran for 300 miles./brox
  11. 5th gear and reverse almost impossible to ingage...

    Check the cables as well. Since the kick out for 5/reverse is the same(Just a difference of up or back on the shifter), it could be that the linkage isn't actually going fully over, even when the shifter has hit the stop. Something similar can happen if the plastic bushing inside the shifter arm...
  12. leaking TB shaft seal

    You can actually have a 5 inch long gash in your intake manifold and still make boost./brox
  13. Trans rebuild?

    I went with TRE but afaict it boils down to customer service, some of which has been known to be spotty.That being said, I've seen several posts about transmissions lately and am beginning to wonder if my transmissions FS post is invisible./brox
  14. FS: The all of my stuff sale

    IC and pipes are sold. Removing them from the first page./brox
  15. FS: 6 bolt block w/crank, ACL, ARP, more

    Sure. You buy lunch?/brox
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