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Recent content by boostme

  1. engine/trans mount replacement

    Cheapest way is probably the Turbo Tom Garage way... cutting board cut into pieces and you stuff it. Then you can buy your wife a new one. It's a win win!That will stiffen them up. 2nd method is the window weld,which also is a drive shaft mod. I think the window weld will probably be a better...
  2. Looking for KG body parts

    I wish I had the money. Im a few hours away 😢 😭 I'd hate to see this go to the junkyard yard!
  3. constant clouds of white smoke out of exhaust

    Unless I'm wrong, I thought white smoke indicated coolant. How's the air fuel ratio? Stock O2 sensors good?Does it idle good? Compression test it just to be certain.What else did you change? If it was the valve seals, it would smoke blue right?
  4. FS: 3G Eclipse Steering Wheel

    It has some sticky residue on the air bag cover and is missing the clock spring (I think that is what it's called, yellow/black circle thing)The actual air bag is there. These are bolt on but I'm not sure how the horn button is connected. I'd give it a 7/10. I'll get more pictures soon...

    Are you going to use a shift box or the stock tcu? I'm also working on a autoswap. You can also use a 3G eclipse shifter. Might be cheaper than the $50 1G shifter if you can get one at the junkyard.
  6. Suggested double sided tape

    I need some tape too. Let me know what you buy. Gotta put on a dog leg and door panel lol
  7. WTB: Turbo back exhaust for Gvr4

    clickNot mine, but here's one.
  8. parking brake lever does literally nothing - replace cables?

    The cables are currently unavailable and I'm not sure if they are discontinued. Been needing some myself.
  9. WTB: nice catch can setup

    click220 shipped Text me 708-830-7211
  10. Wideband thru firewal

    Do you guys enlarge the hole or replace the grommet with another one that is above the steering column? I already run a vacuum line thru there, but that is slimmer.I'm wanting to install a wideband but where do I route the plugs thru? Its cold out lol
  11. GGSX steering rack/AC setup in a VR4

    Went to pull some axles off the GGSX. I'm not sure if they are different from being LSD or whatever, but rear axles are different.Good thing I can return them. BuT if some one needs these for their GGSX, let me know before I return them and they scrap them FOREVERFor anyone wondering which...
  12. WTB: Rear 3 Bolt Axles

    I literally got some yesterday from an auto swap.Also, pulled some from a GGSX and they are not the same. I'm not sure if it has to do with LSD. The cover was faded and I'm almost sure the GGSX didn't have a LSD in the rear as it was a 90 too
  13. WTB: Rear 3 Bolt Axles

    Price shipped to 60417 or can provide label.
  14. FS: #490/1000, Lake Orion, MI, (off market)

    The A/C plug you speak of on top controls the fan. A/C works without that. Mine is broken too and thought I needed it.
  15. Timing belt time

    clickYes, I believe Aisin is the OEM brand to Mitsu. I'll be using a Gates belts/water pump setup BUT with a OEM tensioner.If it was a stock motor I would use the Gates Tensioner. But I have a couple pretty pennies in my motor so OEM it is.
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