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Recent content by boostedinaz

  1. Potential GVR4 sighting in Chandler, AZ

    Way late to this party, but no GVR4s for me. I do know my old Galant 1101 lives up there somewhere in the Chandler/Gilbert area. It's Belize Green with EVO wheels on it. Other than that I am a douchey BMW guy now.
  2. FS: #3/1000 Lexington, KY 14K OBO ***Price Reduced***

    If any one has questions or concerns about the car I would be glad to answer them. When I sold the car Chad was very up front and super easy to deal with. No BS just a quick easy sale.
  3. Uncle Ben thinks its time to take his title back

    This fuckin guy again.Already talking a bunch of sh*t and he doesn't even have a car yet. I'm sure this will be entertaining.
  4. The 4900 mile Unicorn VR4 Galant horn was fake.

    Interesting car. I would have loved to have come look at it and give you an idea on what value I think it holds and what it would need to make for a quick yet valuable sale. 48K is still not bad considering.
  5. Advice on value and maintenance items for super low mile VR4

    I sent him a PM hoping he would get in touch and I could see the car. So far radio silence, in fairness he also hasn't seen the PM according to my profile page.
  6. Advice on value and maintenance items for super low mile VR4

    #3 originally sold for 20k. When I sold it I listed it at 18k and it ended up selling for 16k. Both prices were for the car only and did not include transport, plane tickets, and time. To get #3 ready for sale I had a top notch company detail it, fixed any issues, and had good pictures taken...
  7. VR4 scene in Arizona?

    Very interesting you post this now. I just got a text from the guy who owns my old GVR4 wondering if I knew anyone interested in buying one.Sounds like this is meant to be.I dont have time now, but I can get you info in the morning if youd like?
  8. Rear outer CV-boots?

    I redid the front CV boots and did a write up. I'm not sure if the rear CVs are the same odd triangle shape but if they are the boot kit and part number are in the post CV boot fix
  9. FS: #3/1000 Scottsdale, AZ 18K OBO (SOLD)

    ETS Auto Transport. His truck was bad ass!
  10. FS: #3/1000 Scottsdale, AZ 18K OBO (SOLD)

    Also, if a mod can update the Members Rides section with the new owners info and possibly combine the two post into one, I would really appreciate it.
  11. FS: #3/1000 Scottsdale, AZ 18K OBO (SOLD)

    Quoting V8Bait: I have to thank boostedinaz for putting the countless hours into the finishing touches on this car over the last year. He has been extremely easy to work with in every way. I look forward to getting to know a lot of you that are still active on this board.The new home of #3 is...
  12. FS: #3/1000 Scottsdale, AZ 18K OBO (SOLD)

    Sold.#3 has a new owner. V8bait bought the car for $16,000. I am very glad that the car has a new home and will finally be driven and enjoyed.
  13. FS: #3/1000 Scottsdale, AZ 18K OBO (SOLD)

    Quoting GSTwithPSI: If you could, please:-A lot more under hood shots -Shots of the trunk/fuel cell area -A few more interior shots -A few pics showing how the cage is routedPersonally, I'm not terribly worried about seeing the undercarriage. I know this car doesn't have any rust.Thanks...
  14. FS: #3/1000 Scottsdale, AZ 18K OBO (SOLD)

    Quoting GSTwithPSI:Alternatively, I'd like to see more pictures via PM/email if that's the preferred method.Tell me what you wanna see and Ill make it happen. This coming week Im gonna see if I can get the car up on a lift for some underside shots.
  15. FS: #3/1000 Scottsdale, AZ 18K OBO (SOLD)

    I am willing to negotiate but I feel 12k is low for this car. If its still for sale a few months from now that might change, who knows.
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