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    Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    195142973176787801 Your code expires on March 13, 2022
  2. ApexHunter

    Fight with insurance--We won

    I believe there are a number of members on here who have the car insured for "agreed upon value", and I think they are using Hagerty although I don't think they are the only game in ton.OP- Way to see this one through and fight those scumbags.
  3. ApexHunter

    Tuner refused to use DSMLink v3?

    You won't regret it. English is tough to beat. I'm no expert on ECM Link but that is some BS. It meets and often exceeds the needs of most in my experience.
  4. ApexHunter

    What kind of Coilovers?

    1g and gvr4 shared same p/n's for AGXs. Makes you wonder if they were intended more for the 1g chassis weight and springs, and the beefier galant taxes them a bit more.My car was just used for street driving. Front struts wore out first. Rears were still kickin.
  5. ApexHunter

    Vr4 coilovers on a zr4?

    75 kg and a slight difference in CG shouldn't be an issue. You can experiment with little increases in rear spring preload and damping to get it feeling a bit firmer as needed.
  6. ApexHunter

    What kind of Coilovers?

    Wanted to chime in, I promoted the Feals here for a while at my last job. Best bolt on option then but i'm not really "in the loop" these days. Any new players bring a gvr4 specific option to market, thats not just another taiwanese manufacturer who can put together a whatever spring and...
  7. ApexHunter

    Sprung Clutch disc VS unsprung disc ? Also which flywheel?

    If we're talking about street cars with relatively modest power and good driveability, not a lot of real drag launches, i'm in the single plate, full face, sprung hub camp.I've had a solid hub clutch before, but in a car that weighed about 2200 lbs and didn't have much power. Felt a little...
  8. ApexHunter

    FS: #490/1000, Lake Orion, MI, (off market)

    Looks like a good one. GLWS.
  9. ApexHunter

    FS: 1991 Galant VR4 -All Original 90K miles SOLD

    Congrats! Hope your patience paid off and you got a price you are happy with!
  10. ApexHunter

    Consensus on spring on spring rates?

    </font><blockquote><font class="small">Quoting tektic:</font><hr /> A test run seems in order. I just put cheep coilovers on a fwd 1g I went with 8k 6k 180mm length springs. It’s really not that stiff. I swapped to those as the kit came with 12k 8k, but I didn’t try that setup before installing...
  11. ApexHunter

    Consensus on spring on spring rates?

    Evo and GVR4 share a similar rear suspension motion ratio, Evo is a little over .7 and GVR4 is about .8 (how far the shock moves vs. how far the wheel moves). Generally, you see a similar front to rear spring rate bias on gvr4 and evo kits. Some of the more conservative setups like from Tein or...
  12. ApexHunter

    New Owner of 1837/2000

    Still enjoying this thread. Thanks for the commitment.
  13. ApexHunter

    FS: 1991 Nile Black GVR4 $500

    Did you see the post directly above yours indicating the car was sold? Same here. clickPlease look just a little harder, rather than resurrecting ads where the vehicle is long gone.
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    Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

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    Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

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