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Recent content by 91vr4

  1. FS: 88/2000 SLC, UT

  2. 5 lug swap

    Copy that. I was curious seeing as I have a 2g parts car.
  3. 5 lug swap

    I've read a few threads on the necessary parts to swap over to 5 lug. What they don't mention is whether or not you can use the suspension off a 2g. Is that possible or is 1g the only option?
  4. FS: gvr4 roller/parts

    Front subframe and brace?
  5. Problem with blowby

    Guess I need to check all 3. But the reason I say I have blow-by is because anything over 15lbs and the spark plug valley has a good bit of oil in it. And based by the splatter on the underside of the hood, it's coming from the driver side. Hard to distinguish between the dipstick and the cap...
  6. Problem with blowby

    I have an issue with blow-by on my vr4. Thing is I don't know where it's coming from. I've secured the dipstick down with a spring. The only other place I can suspect is the oil cap. How likely is that to be the culprit?
  7. WTB: Taillights

    Looking for a good set of outer taillights. Don't need the ones on the trunk.
  8. FS: complete VR4 A/C setup

    Still have it.
  9. FS: complete VR4 A/C setup

    The previous owner to my car had bought a complete a/c setup in order to install it back on the car. I don't care much if I have a/c or not soooooo up for sale is an entire setup to install on your vr4.Willing to trade for a working trans for the vr4 or sell for $350 + shipping...
  10. FS: '92 Kensington Grey GVR4 Partout

    Quoting DSSA: Quoting 91vr4: Engine harness price?I need to get the engine out before I can see what kind of condition it is in.I just took a video of a cold-start of the engine, and have to do a compression test yet (my trusty, Snap-On compression tester seems to have taken a crap)...
  11. FS: '92 Kensington Grey GVR4 Partout

    Engine harness price?
  12. FS: 1991 VR-4 #192 of 2000 $3800

    The car now belongs to me!
  13. FS: 1998 Eclipse Spyder AWD swapped SOLD

    Still have this? Interested pending some info.
  14. FS: 1991VR4 (?/1000) Desmoines,Iowa *****SOLD*****

    Does this have a/c?
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