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  1. *SOLD* FS: 1991 GVR4 Nile black Norfolk, VA *SOLD*

    if i was home right now id buy gvr4 got towed with about 3500 in parts inside. said its cuz it had a flat tire. it didnt have a title so i had no way of getting it out of impound i only paid 460 for the car but all the parts inside is what i was upset about. parts for my golf, srt4...
  2. New here

    welcome to the forum bro. i do agree white is the fastest im over at camp victory right now stationed with the knuckle draggers lol. im an engineer over in CE. since i just got her i dont do sh*t at work lol i surf the net and ebay and play xbox in the morale room lol
  3. Galant N/T use same ECU case as vr4

    maybe they are the same. i seem to remember them being shaped different but i havent looked at one in about 4 months so...ya
  4. to those with prosport gauges

    i have a prosport boost and elec oil psi guage and both work perfectly fine. they show up white during the day and when i turn on my headlights they go orange. the only problem is if i turn on my wipers they go back white...but i never drive my boosted car in the rain anyway cuz in VA thats just...
  5. Galant N/T use same ECU case as vr4

    hmm...i had a gsr so maybe it was different for the fwd and awd cars...
  6. !991 Mitsubishi Galant GSR

    the gsr is not that bad of a ride. mine lasted quite a while for how much i paid for it. the 91 come with 145 to the crank if i remember correctly and they are very much underrated for what they are. its the same motor/drivetrain as the eclipse/talon etc...but nobody expects it cz its a grocery...
  7. Galant N/T use same ECU case as vr4

    they are close but not quite the same. the plugs that go into the ecu r different so the holes are a different shape. im sure it can be made to fit but iirc they arent precisely the same. terry would be the main guy to answer i suppose...he deals with more ecus than anyone lol
  8. Any Electrical Superheroes? Tap brake pedal = no electricity

    dont forget the alternator either...i had this problem for a while when i had my stereo turned up a litle too loud and hit the brakes the car would shut down. the engine would still run but everything would come back on right away. turned out my alt was bad.
  9. What's the best spooling turbo for my VR4... HP goal 400

    u took the comment out of context...the rest of the comment is "that you are looking for" yes it can be a quick spooling turbo, but for what this guy is after (if i understand everything right) a 20g will not be what he wants.
  10. What's the best spooling turbo for my VR4... HP goal 400

    also you have to realize that bigger turbos incorporate more lag. a 20g will not be a "fast spooling turbo" that you want. though it will push an assload of psi. you just have to have good enough supporting mods to get the revs required to get that psi
  11. Turbo feed question , how many of you set up like this?

    ive read that going from the oil filter housing can get u bad oil into ur turbo. by "bad" im not sure what it meant but thats what i a book, not dar intarwebz
  12. Suspension Problems

    also you could have the springs in there kinda weird. i know when i changed out my front springs/shocks it was kinda a bitch to get the springs to sit right on the top perches. just check to make sure your springs are sitting correctly. it may not be that the drivers side is too might be...
  13. Upgraded the turbo from a Chinese 16g to a MHI 14b...WOW

    actually having a larger housing can be less beneficial than you think. with more space in there but the same size wheel there is more space for the exhuast gases to just pass by instead of actually pushing the wheel. im not saying it wont benefit at all becuase with a larger volume housing...
  14. Anyone heard of this 20g??

    very true^^ when i first got into vr4's and the 4g63 engine, i wanted a GIANT turbo for all kinds of power, and now that i have done research it is more beneficial just to get a E16g or something similar. build boost faster and keep it steady longer. big turbos have MASSIVE lag and msot engines...
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