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Recent content by 5OF2k

  1. Rock Auto Parts Discount Code

    8546348476861376 Good till 12 Aug
  2. FS: 1261/2000 Newark, NY 5,000 Bo

    Beautiful car, GLWS
  3. FS: 935/1000 NH $4000

    this is a beautiful car, I wish it were closer so I could take it off your hands. Whomever gets this is going to be very happy, Im sure. GLWS
  4. SOLD: White '92 953/1000 CO, $7000

    Yea it just got to be a bit much for a street car, and i couldnt bear to leave it sitting in my garage while i built it around the turbo - nor could i really afford it at the time. Things are different now though. Its about that time again!
  5. SOLD: White '92 953/1000 CO, $7000

    I know it's a long shot, but any interest in a clean, old bug? Im itching to get back into an E39
  6. My DD/project Johnny #5

    Wellp, it's been a LONG while.... and I miss the hell outta 'ol Johnny5. The new owner is keeping up with it - by means of storing it in his shop under a cover. Seems like Im the only owner Im aware of that actually DROVE it.... Sad, sure. BUT, like I said he's a good guy. Once he's got...
  7. Treadstone

    I've ran Treadstone cores on a few Honda builds in the past. They're very good cores, and very efficient cores(comparable to precision). What size are you looking into getting?-Jake
  8. fmic?

    Quoting GSTwithPSI: I was also looking at purchasing a VRSF kit. The price is amazing right now. They are on sale for around $309 (+55 for the 16G J-pipe) for the holidays. I was looking at the 2G kit though, and was wondering how much modification it would take to get it to fit. The core in the...
  9. fmic?

    I ran the VRSF 1g kit on my car with the T67 and an triple core Civic 1/2 rad. With the factory/16g setup and supplied j pipe Im sure it'd fit with minimal modifications, because the only things I had to modify to get mine to fit was a coupler(because of the Magnus manifold and it being lower)...
  10. how many of yall daily your gvr4

    I DD'd mine for a little over a year, even when I had the T67 on. It was a great car to DD. Great in the snow, decent creature comforts, more passing power than anyone could ever need, mid-20's MPG as long as my foot stayed out of it.... overall it was great!I miss it!-Jake
  11. Fastest Galant in colorado????

    Yea, for sure man. I wasnt asking for it for proof, I just wanted to see it! That was my plan with #5 too, until my priorities were forced to change.... sadface.I'll get it back and acheive it, someday.-Jake
  12. Fastest Galant in colorado????

    Im pretty sure Kevin of Jack' Trans' GVR4 was one of the fastest in CO. I remember him running an 11.1 wayyyy back when on a 35r and 30lbs. I'd be seriously interested in seeing what #5 was capable of on the T67 too.Regardless though, good time! Any pics/vids of the run by chance?-Jake
  13. FS: Sooo many go fast goodies for sale

    Havent been on in a while, but free bump for a good guy. Sorry to hear about the current situation, hope it works out for you bud.-Jake
  14. FS: 1992 VR4 998/1000 in FL with JDM ( Super clean car) SOLD

    Bull.Cars are meant to be driven, regardless. Sure, it's a DAMN CLEAN car, but that sure as hell wouldnt stop me from driving it whenever I wanted to. If driving a car in inclimate weather "ruins" it, then apparently every single one of my cars is ruined, even #5.Bottom line, if I own a...
  15. My DD/project Johnny #5

    I dont know what his SN is on here, but he's a good guy for sure.-Jake
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