02/22/18 07:22 PM
New Owner of #1915!

I made a post a few days ago about looking at this VR4, well now I own it! I'm very excited about this new project. It needs a lot of cleaning up, but came with a lot of good parts (16g Turbo, Evo 3 LSD with 4 bolt axles, 550cc injectors, separate head and block) and a two sets of nice wheels (SSR Type C's and Speedlines). I included a picture of some of the rust on the dog leg, but besides that it's a pretty clean car. All factory body panels (the vin stickers are still on all of them) and no real visible dents.

It also doesn't have the sunroof, which I heard is a pretty rare find (not sure if it is or not). I'm excited to be a part of this community and will do updates on what I do to the car. Let me know your thoughts!

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02/22/18 08:01 PM
Re: New Owner of #1915!

Nice pickup!

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02/23/18 11:17 AM
Re: New Owner of #1915!

I wish mine didnt have a sunroof haha. Primarily because mine wont open...haha.

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02/23/18 03:57 PM
Re: New Owner of #1915!

Nice looking car enjoy. There a lot of fun

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06/08/19 08:57 AM
Re: New Owner of #1915!

Congrats, enjoy the hell out of it.

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