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02/09/18 07:49 PM
Just picked up a VR-4

Hey guys, just picked up a VR-4 last night. It seems on a google search one of the prior owners posted about recently buying it on here as well. Its 979/1000 located here in SoCal. For the most part it drives extremely smooth. Im not sure if the parts mentioned on the prior owners thread remained. Have not had a chance to dig in and the guy I got it from had little info on it other than he said prior owner said they swapped the motor at 160k. It currently sets at 231. First plan is to get all the timing components swapped and go from there. This is not my first time with this engine(had a 90 GST) so i now a TINY bit. Look forward to being part of the community.

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02/09/18 08:53 PM
Re: Just picked up a VR-4

Welcome to the board. Be sure to post some pics of your VR4, and take some time to poke around here a bit. These threads contain tons of information that will be useful for anything you want to do to the car.

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02/09/18 08:55 PM
Re: Just picked up a VR-4

Awesome news brother. You’ll find that this is a fantastic and rewarding community as I encourage you to contribute by continuing to post by asking questions and sharing upcoming projects with your galant.

Make sure you read the sticky’s within each each section as well as take your time perusing through the “How To and Info Archive” -lots of solid information is located there.

Welcome aboard and let’s see those pictures!

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02/09/18 09:22 PM
Re: Just picked up a VR-4

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02/10/18 10:26 AM
Re: Just picked up a VR-4

WELCOME, great looking car, glad to see them popping up more.

02/13/18 06:44 AM
Re: Just picked up a VR-4

Congrats on your new ride!

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02/15/18 01:08 PM
Re: Just picked up a VR-4

Welcome and congrads on the new VR4.

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