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05/04/18 01:07 PM
PNW: GVR4's at the LeMay car show 8/25/2018

There's a huge show at the LeMay Marymount location each year, this year is Saturday August 25th.

41st Annual LeMay Car show

We can go as a club, and I'm planning on submitting registration for us as

If you're interested in going please let me know- one caveat is that I have to register with the number of cars attending so they can block out space, this also means pre-paying, which means if you want to go I will want Paypal before I buy your ticket.

Let's make it happen. I think right now we have at least 4 cars that would likely show up-

Off the top of my head in the area we have:


Of course, I haven't met every PNW person, so I'm sure there are more. Let's make this happen

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05/04/18 03:07 PM
Re: PNW: GVR4's at the LeMay car show 8/25/2018

Damn, I got left off the list

I wouldn't want to enter my car into any space, but would definitely be interested in showing up for the show and meeting some people.

(god hates stupid people)
05/04/18 04:37 PM
Re: PNW: GVR4's at the LeMay car show 8/25/2018

You're still around out here? My bad

Definitely worth coming out for. I think it'd be ok if the car isn't perfect, but you have to make that call

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05/04/18 07:09 PM
Re: PNW: GVR4's at the LeMay car show 8/25/2018

I am, living in Seattle proper and still lurking. I was busy with life for a few years and not active on the boards or with the car, and apparently the boards died in activity around the same time. So mostly, I check in on new posts, search a lot, and try to get as much time on the car as I can.

I'll think about bringing the car and get back to you, it would certainly make the other turds look especially shiny sitting next to it

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