(not even the right model )
02/09/11 10:34 PM

How hard would it be to get the site up on this app?

02/10/11 03:15 PM
Re: Tapatalk?

This isn't a turn key site, it won't work here.
It also open all the data to the ching chong company that built tapatalk.

(not even the right model )
02/10/11 04:39 PM
Re: Tapatalk?

Oh ok. Well nvm.

02/12/11 04:47 PM
Re: Tapatalk?

Wow, funny timing.
Tapatalk released an API yesterday. So now Hertz has the tools to configure this site for it, if he so chooses.

HertzGalant VR4.org Administrator
(OneTitle to rule them all.)
02/15/11 08:37 PM
Re: Tapatalk?

Oh, alright. I'll see if I can convince spoulson to so it.

(Obviously the answer is......)
02/15/11 11:08 PM
Re: Tapatalk?

That would be awesome...I use tapatalk for all the other forums I frequent and it is very convenient.

(Rock Star Status)
02/15/11 11:28 PM
Re: Tapatalk?

Don't you have to buy the full version to post or something goofy?

Never had much issue with the site through the browser on the phone as it stands...We don't have all that avatar, huge sig BS like the rest of the world.

(Member +)
02/16/11 04:56 PM
Re: Tapatalk?

I view the site frequently on my blackberry. Never really had a problem with navigation, or making post's/pm's.

I can't post images on it though, the upload window/page doesn't navigate back to the post at hand. I just wait till I have my laptop for those.

The site loads wicked fast compared to others with advertisements

(Mad Hatter Suite Touche Debackle Guage filled by Justin)
02/17/11 11:28 AM
Re: Tapatalk?

We should figure a way to upload images from our phones to the site.

(One Member)
02/26/11 07:33 PM
Re: Tapatalk?

I was curious. I made it work on the local Rochester DSM forum today, but that is running phpBB.
I am not sure I would want to tackle it for a complete build up using the API. It might be easier to use than our actual forum, as it has notifications and things to move me around faster. Sad really.


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