(well bread and nobly conceived)
02/05/11 03:30 PM
issues with login / logout

I've noticed that the board occasionally gets confused as to whether I'm logged in or not. When it happens I have access to my home area (I can view PMs etc) but I have no posting privileges and there is no tracking of which threads are read vs. unread. I try to logout and then log back in but the "logout" button is not present. Instead there's a "login" button but when I click on it I'm routed back to my home page where my status is unchanged. In order to proceed I have to either clear my cookies or manually type in '...ubbthreads/logout.php' into the address field which forces the logout and then lets me log in normally.

This isn't really a big deal... now that I've dealt with it I can get around the problem in about 20 seconds... but it is a little annoying.

steveGalant Administrator
(Key Fob Guy)
02/05/11 07:54 PM
Re: issues with login / logout

Sounds like a browser cookie issue, I've had this problem as well and used the clearing cookies method.

(Turn Right Racing)
03/09/11 11:58 PM
Re: issues with login / logout

I had this issue repeatedly for about a week a month or so ago. Then yesterday it happened again, but only once. Clear the cookies as mentioned, and log back in.

(Rock Star Status)
03/22/11 07:14 PM
Re: issues with login / logout

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