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09/06/10 12:11 AM
front/side exit exhaust

I have always done a cutout on my mitsubishis. Its ridiculously loud and adds some power as well. On 1630 I did a full 3" turbo back, with an expanded stock cat and muffler, than ran a cutout right before the cat for a straight through setup.the biggest problem with this was ground clearance. (pics wont upload?) the bottom of the cutout was not very far below the rest of the exhaust, but on these steep incline here I got alot more bottoming out, before the change I had never bottomed out.

When 1630 decided to be awesome and catch fire, I went and got the mirage in an attempt to have something to drive while I fixed 1630. Well I pulled the 3" o2 housing off 1630 and had a full 3" exhaust made for the mirage. full 3" turbo back, no cat and 3" in 3" out muffler. I then had the cutout installed around the location of the shifter assembly and had it exit out the driver side. there was absolutely no clearance issues at all. but I had much more room due to not having a driveshaft in the way.

long story short the mirage blew a headgasket and left me carless

Well I have decided that it will be much easier and cost effective to just buy another vr4 and swap all my aftermarket stuff over. so I have my turbo setup, and my 3" o2 and I still have my 3" cutout, so I have to have a 3rd exhaust made. So do any of you have none-stock location exits?
I can and probably will switch to a half size radiator, keep the ac/ps/alt. the only other restriction I have is the outlet is at the stock location on the o2. So does anyone have any advice/experience? I need to be able to do some sort of Y setup to allow me to keep the stock/quiet exhaust, and to also give me the most ground clearance possible. I really dont want to cut the front bumper and send it through there. I do have another bumper if that seems to be the general consensus, but id like that to be the last resort.

Any advice, or successful or failed attempts will be appreciated.

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09/07/10 07:57 PM
Re: front/side exit exhaust

I built a side exit for my GSX when I had it. I flattened a piece of 3" pipe down to approx 2"x4.25" and went out right before the drivers side rear tire. I'm sure it could be done on a Galant. It didn't seem to drag anymore than my 3" normal routed exhaust did.

Vibrant now makes ovaled piping if you want to attempt it.

(<3 NJ)
09/07/10 08:51 PM
Re: front/side exit exhaust

well I think I go that far back, i will probably just put an elbow on it and just have the exit under the car, thats what I done for the past 2. I was kinda hoping to set this one up with an exit in front of the front tire

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09/07/10 09:34 PM
Re: front/side exit exhaust

Well I did this car over the summer. Messed with some seat brackets for it today. 3 to 3.5 to 4 inch with the small half moon being the wastegate. Took 3 days to build the exhaust system that ended up being less than 14 lbs. When the cars is debuted locally or should I say its broke off a bunch of checkbook builds I'll post up the data.

(<3 NJ)
09/07/10 11:42 PM
Re: front/side exit exhaust

see I have an exhaust 'sponsor' so I can come up with the most ridiculous stuff and not have to worry about man hours. The only costs I have is when I need something he doesnt normally deal with, like the cutout, or vbands. my o2 housing does have the wastegate recirculated so I wouldnt have to worry about those complications, and I am still going to have a full exhaust as well so the focus isnt on weight but more on the option to flip to a 'drag' setup on the fly, and then back again once to 5-0 shows up.

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