Larry Parker
(Rally Member)
04/17/06 08:29 AM
89-92 and 93-94 DSM rear calipers?

I have run the stock 92 rear calipers in my rally car for a while now and I need to get some new parts.... I see that 92's and 93's have a different brake pad?? Anyone know the difference in the parts? I have a set of 4 pistons brembos that I plan to use, but not until i finish my front setup... Which wont be till after STPR.... NO TIME!!



04/17/06 08:32 AM
Re: 89-92 and 93-94 DSM rear calipers?

Only difference I can think of would have to do with abs.
The actual rotors and calipers are the same size and take the same pads.

04/17/06 10:01 AM
Re: 89-92 and 93-94 DSM rear calipers?

edit: Fixed VR4 piston size

early 89-90 dsm pads different.
MR389566 90-94 all same. same as e39a galant vr4 too. I double checked this with actual car VINs.

1g AWD:ad35p, ~35mm piston

vr4: ad35p, ~35mm piston
1g DSM NT ABS: 30mm
1g FWD turbo: 30mm

2g FWD: 35mm piston

2g AWD: 38mm piston and ++rotor diam. this is according to the tech manual, the service manual says that ALL 2g have identical 35mm rear braking systems

(or maybe lick the biss)
04/17/06 10:18 AM
Re: 89-92 and 93-94 DSM rear calipers?

Maybe they changed the pad compound? Organic vs metallic? Or some sort of EPA regs that forced them to change the compound?

04/17/06 11:29 AM
Re: 89-92 and 93-94 DSM rear calipers?

Made mistake above on VR4 piston size, fixed now.

(Turn Right Racing)
04/17/06 02:16 PM
Re: 89-92 and 93-94 DSM rear calipers?

They should all interchange. I think there was a slight thickness change when they added shims. That is the only difference I can see in CAPS.

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