09/23/18 11:53 AM
Carbon Fiber Parts?

Does anyone know where I can find a carbon fiber hood? Im hoping to make my GVR4 sub-3k lb. while keeping the rear seats and interior. I looked all over the internet and can't find one. I've heard other GVR4 owners say they use one on their car.

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09/23/18 03:04 PM
Re: Carbon Fiber Parts?

A quick internet search and I found this. Not sure if this will make you faster tho.

Invader CF gvr4 hood

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09/24/18 07:32 AM
Re: Carbon Fiber Parts?


10/02/18 04:23 PM
Re: Carbon Fiber Parts?

I wish there was more parts, I've been looking and cant really find anything else besides these and the duraflex hoods. I wanted a CF hood and trunk.

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10/02/18 08:13 PM
Re: Carbon Fiber Parts?

Carbonetics is supposed to make a good, trunk, roof and drag wing this winter. Someone already bought him a GVR4 to make molds from, so its almost a definite

12/15/18 05:51 PM
Re: Carbon Fiber Parts?

Hmmm! That will be nice! Keep us posted

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12/15/18 11:12 PM
Re: Carbon Fiber Parts?

There are plenty of vendors that manufacture carbon fiber stock hoods for the galant. The catch is the wait time and cost of shipping.

That said, I see you would like your galant to weigh-in at less than 3,000 lbs. -Thats a huge weight drop for this platform and will entail quite a bit beyond obviously the hood and trunk.

If you haven’t already I would encourage you to consider removing/replacing the following:

1) 4WS system
2) Cruise Control
3) Emission System
4) ABS System *Full removal to include associated wiring, Ring Gear, Sensors, etc.
5) Relocate battery and replace with a lightweight unit
6) ACT/Fidanza Light weight Flywheel
7) Driveshaft Shop Aluminum Driveshaft
8) Balance Shaft Delete
9) A/C System *Full removal to include associated wiring behind the dash
10) Manual Seatbelt conversion from LS/GS 89 - 93 galant
11) Replace front seats
12) Replace fuel tank with a Fuel Cell
13) *Hop on the treadmill and shed 10 lbs of driver weight

There are a few posts on this subject and I encourage you to use the forums search function. If you have any specific questions regardless of how minute they may seem please ask. We’re here to help!

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12/29/18 11:10 PM
Re: Carbon Fiber Parts?

I think there is a guy named PRE EVO that can make you a CF hood

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