02/14/18 06:10 AM

I am planning to replace the tires on my 1995 Mitsubishi Galant VR4. So far, I have only checked out Toyo Tires Proxes 1. Is anyone familiar with it?

(Junior Member)
02/14/18 07:55 PM
Re: Tires

Others may have better words, but talking tires is like talking oils... Opinions vary....
A '95 VR4 has me stumped in the first place. Imported from Canada I assume? What's the rim size?

For tires, it's best to know your driving preferences. Is this your daily driver? Family mover? Occasional track car?
Are you aggressive in corners, or just a normal point A to point B user?

In my personal experience, I've never used any of Toyos compounds as there were always options that fit my driving style better.


(Eager Beaver)
02/27/18 09:19 PM
Re: Tires

Canada did not get Mitsubishi products "as new and sold by Mitsubishi dealers", until the year 2000; in other words we did not have Mitsubishi dealers until the year 2000.

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02/27/18 10:28 PM
Re: Tires

Wow... Here I am near the Canadian border, and never knew that....
Is the OP post on a '95 VR4 a misprint? Maybe a direct import from another country?


(Turn Right Racing)
02/27/18 10:40 PM
Re: Tires

In Canada they can import cars from Japan I believe when they are only 10 years old, so Japan imports are popular.

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