Dan D
(220, 221... whatever it takes)
02/10/18 10:23 AM
Aftermarket Steering Wheel

My original wheel needs to go. Seems like chunks of it come off in my hands each time I drive the car. Oh well. It had a good run.

I'm looking at either a Momo Race or a Sparco L505 Lap - whichever I find cheapest I'll end up getting.

Question for those with non-OEM steering wheels: What's the right size? 350mm or 320mm. 350 looks just a bit smaller than stock. 320 would be noticeable but almost seems like good fit. Anyone with smaller than 350mm? Do you regret it. Is it too small? Stick with 350mm? Thanks for input and advice.

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02/10/18 05:49 PM
Re: Aftermarket Steering Wheel

I have an L505 in my galant and I love it. It wouldn't have been my first choice but it was from my evo and it's just awesome. I have a Momo Monte carlo I believe in another, but I've yet to drive with it. I can't comment on a smaller wheel, but going from OEM to the sparco is quite joyful

(Junior Member)
02/16/18 10:06 AM
Re: Aftermarket Steering Wheel

I have a leather wrapped four hold Grant in my GVR4. Hereís a link for the hub adapter.
Some people donít like Grantr because the hub is 3 bolt instead of 5, but I have had no problems from it in the years that Iíve had the steering wheel, there are pics in the pictures threat. The stock steering wheel felt like a pencil in my hands.

Dan D
(220, 221... whatever it takes)
12/08/18 12:48 PM
Re: Aftermarket Steering Wheel

Just for posterity and follow up: I was patient and ended up grabbing a new 350mm Momo Race on sale and with holiday coupon off ebay for $170 and got a corresponding adapter. I mocked it up on the car this morning while it sits waiting for a brake caliper. Perfect! Right size, right look, right hand position(s). Glad I went 350mm. Too small otherwise. Would have looked and felt weird imo.

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