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10/11/17 06:30 PM
1667/2000 Returns...

Just wanted to check in...Its been awhile on my end...
I'm going through a nice divorce right now so far 6 months into it and going no where fast.

As soon as it is over I will be listing 1667/2000 for sale again. I have to get my 18 yr kid a car. He was the last one to drive 1667 on new years. Since then it hasnt moved or even been fired up. it just sits in garage...so save up guys... gonna ask 6000 for it.trans shifts good but comes out of gear on hill, stock trans. will include old trans thats tore up in 2nd gear. has a evo 3 first gear and evo3 HD input shaft. (very hard to find parts)

FYI I did almost sell it before this crap started. A guy showed up on a 30 min notice and offered 6500. I didnt have factory seats cleaned that are in basement covered in dust for last 10 yrs. Plus he Wanted a GO FAST car. I wasnt going to sell it to someone who was going to destroy it. I sent him away. I shouldn't have cared and took his money and ran but i didn't. Keep your eyes open in cars for sale section hopefully in 3 months..

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