05/15/18 04:50 PM
Innovative LC2 O2 sensor and ECMLink

Hi gurus,

it might sound like a redundant question, so I apologize in advance: Do I need to have Innovative controller to connect LC2 O2 sensor to ECMLink if I'm not using a gauge? Can I connect it straight like this:

"1G DSM"

RED wire -> 102 or 107 pin SWITCHED 12V
BLACK wire -> 101 or 106 pin GROUND
YELLOW wire -> 4 (or 15, 16) pin SELECTED ECU INPUT

The controller is required for the gauge to operate, isn't it?


(I ain't no puny human)
05/16/18 07:02 AM
Re: Innovative LC2 O2 sensor and ECMLink

Yes, you need the controller, but the gauge is just for visual monitoring. I use Pin 4 on mine and simulate narrowband (Installed in stock o2 location)

(Banthony )
05/16/18 12:16 PM
Re: Innovative LC2 O2 sensor and ECMLink

FYI the brand is "INNOVATE", not "innovative".
And yes, the controller is required to drive the sensor. However you can wire an output direct to the ECU for monitoring if you don't feel you want/need a gauge for some odd reason. The controller sends the output for the gauge and for logging. I believe it also has a narrowband output if you feel the need to utilize it. I just have link do NB simulation, myself.

06/12/18 03:33 PM
Re: Innovative LC2 O2 sensor and ECMLink

Thanks guys! Got the required parts, works perfectly! Thanks again for your help!

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