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02/11/18 10:52 AM
Rear calipers replaced and bled...spongy pedal now

I replaced the rear calipers recently. I left the rear calipers off for a while waiting for new ones to ship. I lost a lot of fluid due to that. I went ahead and did a speed bleed of the rear calipers starting with the right rear. I *think* that the master ran dry by leaving the calipers off but I am not sure. Do the fronts now need to be bled as well?

I am also concerned because I purchased a set of Dorman speed bleeders and they bottomed out meaning the hex nut reached the caliper. I read a post on tuners where someone had that problem with some russell speed bleeders and it is supposed to be a no-go and yet when I press the brakes after the speed bleeders are tightened no fluid comes out so I am not sure if the speed bleeder is really at fault. In reality, I have only replaced just the left rear speed bleeder with the Dorman. The rest are Russell speed bleeders. For whatever reason, the speed bleeder/bleeder hole on the old caliper was only m8 as opposed to M10.

Any ideas?


(Turn Right Racing)
02/11/18 12:42 PM
Re: Rear calipers replaced and bled...spongy pedal now

You will likely need to fully bleed the entire system. Fluid goes through the ABS unit as well, so it helps to push new fluid through everywhere.

If the speedbleeders don't leak they may be ok. I don't have any personal experience with them, but have heard others have had issues with them working properly all the time.

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02/15/18 11:48 AM
Re: Rear calipers replaced and bled...spongy pedal now

Thanks. It was actually the Dorman speed bleeder causing the issue. It was too short. Returned those and got some rusells and things are perfect. Just FYI, I have had awesome experience with speed bleeders. I don't have to annoy anyone to pump the brakes which is important to me.

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