(Definitely? Defiantly? wat)
11/13/17 07:41 PM
Grinding noise from under the car

My Galant has this really loud grinding noise coming from under the car, almost sounds like a bad bearing.

I recorded a video, you can defiantly hear the noise I'm referring too.

The driveshaft was recently rebuilt.

(I ain't no puny human)
11/14/17 11:59 AM
Re: Grinding noise from under the car

Is it possible that part of the exhaust is contacting the driveshaft?

(Definitely? Defiantly? wat)
11/14/17 12:40 PM
Re: Grinding noise from under the car

I checked that, and everything is clear.

The sound gets louder the faster I go, but doesn't change when hitting bumps or anything.

Going to check the Tcase this weekend.

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