(subclass marmoreus)
09/06/17 10:30 PM
What's up with this mess?

Why do the ACT discs lose springs anyway? If they fixed the "issue", what did they change? Is there a serial number range that identifies the vulnerable discs? What other sprung disc, compatible with the 2600 plate never loses them?
I put this in a couple years ago. Maybe 10K +/- since then. Everything was new - flywheel, TRE trans, ACT 2600 with street disc. No big power (maybe 240), launched every once in a while. Started having trouble disengaging the clutch. Read about the ACT disc throwing springs, and symptoms were similar. So it sat for a few months until tonight when I got the trans out. The tab holding the spring in has broken off.

(Turn Right Racing)
09/07/17 07:05 AM
Re: What's up with this mess?

I have never owned one of these clutches, but have heard the stories. Looks to be unfortunately true in your case.

(Eager Beaver)
09/07/17 10:24 AM
Re: What's up with this mess?

Contact ACT directly, would be my advice. They cleared up a bunch of info some years back about issues that some were experiencing. It was a whole mixed bag for a while there.
A google search of early stuff here on the board and elsewhere should yield results to this effect. I am not referring to anecdotal type stuff either.

(A hole)
09/10/17 09:43 PM
Re: What's up with this mess?

It seems to be hit or miss. I've had ACT discs last forever, and others that shit the springs out. Typically, the 4 spring discs hold up better in my experience. I've got a sprung ACT 6 puck in 1837 right now, and that thing has taken a beating in traffic and at the track. It has heald up pretty well considering the abuse it has taken.

Contrary to popular belief, this isn't a problem exclusive to ACT discs. FWIW, I've seen OEM and other brands do the same thing.

I would second contacting ACT. They may be able to do something for you.

(Member +)
09/11/17 11:16 AM
Re: What's up with this mess?

I probably will never by an act clutch again. Seems there quality control isn't there. Had an ACT 2100 that had 5000 miles on it and almost all the fingers on the pressure plate broke off.

09/11/17 01:44 PM
Re: What's up with this mess?

I have broken each and every ACT disc in existence probably. The puck discs are better (the non sprung hubs) but I have broken that too....prematurely. IMHO, they are trash. Now the pressure plates are robust. I have yet to break one. My go-to combo is ACT PP with a Clutch Net (now California Clutch) setup.

(subclass marmoreus)
09/11/17 11:00 PM
Re: What's up with this mess?

Thanks everyone for the feedback! I have a stock OEM disc I was thinking about using with the 2600 PP. But after considering it has only two springs (versus 4 in the ACT) and four rubber bumpers, I ordered the CC full face sprung disc. I like how the springs are almost completely enclosed, which I hope will reduce the likelihood of their getting loose. I looked around a lot, and found tons of discs where springs had come out...mostly ACTs btw. Won't buy that junk again. [Who has time to yank a transmission out for stupid stuff like that?] I've had CF dual friction, zerozone stock replacement no-name and exedy HD setups and never broke anything like that.
Check out the job it did on the flywheel

09/15/17 01:01 PM
Re: What's up with this mess?

ACT is junk, has always been. I've had very good luck with my centerforce but obviously the power is limited.

(Banthony )
09/18/17 02:30 PM
Re: What's up with this mess?

Every sprung hub with pucks i've run hard has either tossed a spring or had the hub separate. Puck style discs with springs are particularly susceptible to this due to the harsh engagement. I've seen it happen to full face discs as well, but they seem to be more tolerant. It really doesn't matter who made it, ACT or otherwise.

(Eager Beaver)
09/19/17 04:36 PM
Re: What's up with this mess?

Drive the clutch assembly as it was intended. Maybe a bit of a golden rule! If your clutch doesn't say racing ... then it isn't for racing. They have categories and tell the "to be" owners that they can use the clutch for 99% this, and 1% that; guess which part is listed as racing in those percentages? With what people are doing to their sprung assemblies ... is pushing limits and it is only a matter of time. Some people push hard and for lack of a better term, get lucky.

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