06/17/17 05:53 PM
No start with new motor and dsmlink

2.4 with a 20g 1150 injectors 3 inch blow thru mas cop setup and dsmlink. Cant get to start. Wired in wideband and primary. Could having the wrong temp sensors effect it or ha I g the wideband as primary?

(I have to say something dumb Member)
06/17/17 05:57 PM
Re: No start with new motor and dsmlink

There's fuel, compression and spark. What one dont you have..

(fighting them with a large needle)
06/17/17 07:33 PM
Re: No start with new motor and dsmlink

I had a no start issue the other day with my new build. Ended up being two of my 10 month old FIC 1120 injectors were completely frozen from sitting on a shelf for 6 months with WD40 in them...
Slapped the old 950s in and it started right up.

Start with the basics. Check for spark, make sure the timing is spot on & the the CAS isn't 180 out. If those are fine, check fuel pressure. All of those were fine on my car and you could hear the compression so checking the injectors my last piece of the puzzle.
**This is assuming you have the ecu/tune setup correctly and no crazy wiring changes, etc to add to the confusion **
Good luck!

06/18/17 12:21 AM
Re: No start with new motor and dsmlink

Got the car started. Never gapped the new plugs. They were almost all the way closed. Time to get tuning I suppose.

(Eager Beaver)
06/18/17 11:01 AM
Re: No start with new motor and dsmlink

What are they gapped to? And what plugs are you using?

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