04/20/17 01:34 AM
15" x 7" / +35 offset will fit ?!

I just wonder if anyone use the 15" x 7" wheel with +35 offset without clearance problem with brake caliper ?!

(Turn Right Racing)
04/20/17 07:32 AM
Re: 15" x 7" / +35 offset will fit ?!

That may depend on the wheel spoke design. That wheel size is not much larger than stock, and lower positive offset basically accounts for most of the wheel width change (11mm vs. 12.5 mm). I suspect it will be ok, but will depend on spoke design.

Stock brakes?

(obsessed with the turds of others)
04/20/17 03:31 PM
Re: 15" x 7" / +35 offset will fit ?!

Should fit no problem.

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