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07/09/16 08:28 AM
Galant Gsx noise/tach filter sensor

Hi all. I couldn't find anything by searching. My buddy has been building his project awhile. Upon first start up we have no tachometer movement. Car is a 1990 Galant Gsx converted to turbo still using the Gsx harness. Car is a 1990 and I wasn't there to search but does anyone know where the harness plug for the noise/tach filter is located? He can't find it. I'm going there today to look, but if someone could give me a hint where to start looking(like it's by the coil wiring, back of engine harness on firewall) it would be helpful. Btw, the ecu just left ecmtuning few weeks ago and they knew it was for our application so we don't think it's ecu. Also the c.o.p was built recently and has the 1990 adapter on it. So we don't think that is the issue either.

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