07/31/12 11:37 AM
No room for radiator

Hey i have a vrsf 1g fmic fabbed for my car and im also running a bw s259 but i have no room whatso ever.has anyone else ran into this problem ever. What can i do whata been done. I really woul d like to keep this radiator. Its a 1g mishimoto

(Banthony )
07/31/12 01:18 PM
Re: No room for radiator

Here are some things you can do. (this is a fairly common problem, actually)

Clock the compressor housing differently
run a different turbo
move the radiator forward
sell the radiator to a 1g owner and figure out a different cooling solution
get a different exhaust manifold which puts your turbo in a different spot

In other words.. make room, one way or another. There's no universal or easy answer to your problem.

(Space Blanket from NASA plumbed into the attic)
07/31/12 02:23 PM
Re: No room for radiator

I had to pull all the ac on mine and I had a s362 on a 2nd gen manifold. I used a scirocco radiator with passat fans and had it pushed forward where the ac condenser lived, clocked the turbo outlet down then fabbed IC pipes from there. Alot of people have used alot bigger turbo than yours and made it fit just have to do some adjusting of things. I've even thought about using large water to air heat exchangers as a radiator. Just have to look around on ebay for them. Cobra's and Lightnings have some big ones.

(Carbon Fiber Cage)
07/31/12 06:11 PM
Re: No room for radiator

Most of the fitments are manifold related. I was able to angle my A/C condenser forward about an inch, and run a 1g rad in the stock lower holes, but tucked under the rad support. There is still about .25-.5" between them at the top. I had plenty of clearance with a BW S262 on it with both a bottom mount Pacesetter and FP manifold. I went to top mount, which will easily fit a S300 series, but it was custom built by JMF for my setup with dual fans and A/C. I know some of the T3 manifolds (esp the ERL and SFP) push it out away from the block for waterpipe clearance. That makes it tough for Galant/2G DSM guys.

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