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02/23/10 11:02 AM
FS: 2000 GTP MA $5000

Out with the old and in with the new! I'm selling the GTP. I've owned it for about 4 years now and it's never given me a problem. 115K miles. Car made 225 WHP and 320WTQ on ESP's dyno. Cruises at 2k RPM at 70MPH and gets around 24MPG with mostly around town driving. I've gotten 31MPG on long highway trips.

Exterior is a 7/10. Rust starting on front edge of hood and under the gas filler door.

Interior is a 9/10.

LIM gasket replaced with new style metal one at 100K
Pass wheel bearing replaced at 85K
Drivers wheel bearing at 95K
Tranny flush with filter at 75K
Rear brakes done at 112K
Front brakes done at 105K
Supercharger regreased and ZZP coupler with new oil at 100K
Crankshaft Position Sensor replaced at 90K

Wizaired intake
TB spacer
180 thermostat
3" ZZP catted downpipe
Stainless Plog and ported rear
NGK TR6 plugs
3.5 press on pulley
F-body 12" front brakes (dual piston aluminum caliper)
17" Bonne rims
17" black no name rims
Eclipse cd player with MB Quart/Focal 6.5" front speakers
Floor and doors sound deadened

I have every stock part that came off the car and they are included in the sale.

Asking 5K OBO. Any questions or picture requests feel free to ask.

Some pictures: (Can't find any with the Bonneville rims but they make the car IMHO)

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03/04/10 11:35 AM
Re: FS: 2000 GTP MA $5000

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03/07/10 01:52 PM
Re: FS: 2000 GTP MA $5000

Pics of Bonneville rims with 245/50/17's:

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03/22/10 05:01 PM
Re: FS: 2000 GTP MA $5000

Some fresh pics from 5 minutes ago. Tell a friend.

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04/26/10 04:18 PM
Re: FS: 2000 GTP MA $5000

Just drove the car out to Ptown this weekend. Drove beautifully and got 29mpg to the tank. Mileage at 118,XXX. Bump.

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05/03/10 11:44 PM
Re: FS: 2000 GTP MA $5000



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